Smartphone Games: What Game Types do Users Prefer?

The world of mobile gaming has expanded incredibly in the last decade. If before the advent of the smartphone the mobile gaming industry was minuscule, it has grown incredibly fast afterward. According to Newzoo, mobile gaming is currently the largest segment of the global gaming industry, responsible for 37% (about $37 billion) of its revenues. This without including real money gaming in the stats. Online casino games are halfway between business and online entertainment, which makes them harder to grasp from a gamer’s point of view. On one hand, online casinos like the All Slots offer their players a simple and convenient way to play their favorite games. On the other, the All Slots online casino offers its players a chance not only to win but also to lose real money, which puts it in a pretty sensible situation. Besides, the regulations that apply to the All Slots and the rest of online gambling operators out there (especially the age limit – the All Slots can’t be used by anyone under 18) disqualifies them from the world of “proper” gaming.

$37 billion is a massive revenue. Let’s see what smartphone games are the most played, and how much they contribute to this amazing sum.

Most downloaded game types

According to a recent document published by SurveyMonkey Intelligence, games are the most popular apps ever created. The numbers don’t lie: over 60% of all smartphone owners will install a game within a week from purchasing the handset. The genres of games available for smartphones are diverse, but there are five categories that are responsible for the bulk of downloads at an app marketplace: action, arcade, puzzle, simulation, and adventure.

When it comes to the number of active users each month, the top list has the same components, only the order is different: with over 800 million monthly active users, arcade games are the most popular, followed by adventure, puzzle, action, and simulation games. Things are even more interesting when we take a look at the number of hours said players spend interacting with their favorite games: puzzle games are the most engaging, with an average of 105 minutes of monthly play, followed by casual games, arcade games, simulation games, and adventure.

More downloads means more revenues, right?

Well, this is the part that’s really interesting. Although action, simulation, adventure, puzzle, casual, and arcade games are the most downloaded and most played ones, they are not the most profitable ones for publishers: strategy games are. According to Surveymonkey, strategy games lead when it comes to the amount of revenues generated, with a monthly average of $194 million in the US alone. Strategy games are followed by role-playing games ($162 million) and adventure games ($114 million). None of the most downloaded game categories above manage to generate nine-figure revenues for their publishers, even if they have a clearly superior user base. Role-playing games are the ones that generate the most monthly revenue per active user ($0.66), which is an insane amount compared to arcade games, that only bring $0.12 per user per month.

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