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Steps to install Shareit For PC On Windows 7/8/8.1

There is a unique world of applications in today’s date. As you know Time is Money, everybody wants that their work should get complete as soon as possible, and so they also hate it when they have to wait for their application to get downloaded from the google play store.


Downloading Shareit app is one of the best solution for saving time. You can get any type of application related to anything on the google play store. Today’s technology is so well and advanced that you can get anything which you want online today. Lots and lots of applications are there in the google play store which you can download and enjoy.

Now some people face problems while downloading file on their smartphones as well as on their PCs/Laptops and they keep trying to get it. Now you will not face any kind of problem, you can now get any application using the Shareit application. Shareit application is specially made for transferring applications for every size from one device to another. People are enjoying the technology world and so the developers are also enjoying making new and good applications and updating it on the google play store.

As mentioned above, Shareit is also an application for transferring applications from your smartphone to Pc or laptops. You can download free Shareit app for Pc from the google play store using the android emulator Bluestack or Andy. Sharing applications is very easy you can easily get your favorite application without facing the problem of slow internet connection and slow response of the google play store.

Steps to install Shareit For PC On Windows 7/8/8.1

If you are using Shareit app, then you must keep in mind that the other person from whom you are taking application must have Shareit app in his/her smartphone or Pc too, because it is not possible to revive any application without Shareit. There are also different applications for transferring files like Xender for laptop. By using Shareit app you can send various kind of files like, application, audio, video and pictures. You don’t have to pay a single rupee you can download free Shareit for pc. Shareit app for PC supports Windows 7, Windows 8, Windows 8.1.

When you wanted to share any type of media file or application from your smartphone to laptop, connecting the USB cable or sharing it via bluetooth was the only possible way to do this task. But now you can get Shareit app free Download for Pc and transfer files from your smartphone to your PC/laptop. But you should have Shareit app in your smartphone as well as in your PC too.

So in this article , I am going to inform you how you can download Shareit app on your PC for free and save your time and get your favorite applications in just some seconds. As you know for downloading any type of android application on your PC you need android emulator, in which Bluestack is one of the best android emulator.


·        Share it supports all type of media files like audio, video, games and pictures.

·        You don’t need any internet connection for transferring files from one device to another.

·        Group sharing is also possible. At a time you can send files up to devices.

·        Shareit itself find the device which is required to receive the file.



1.      When you first open the Shareit On your PC you will be able to see two options “Send” and “Receive”.

2.      If you want to send some file to other device then click on “Send” and Shareit app will automatically detect the receiver.

3.      After clicking on “Send” you have to select the file which you want to send to your partner.

4.      Similarly, if you want to receive any file, click on “Receive” and you will start receiving the file automatically in some seconds.



·        You can direct get Shareit App For PC Free Download from its official website.

·        You can also download it using the android emulator Blue stacks.

·        First of all get Bluestack on your PC if you don’t have it. And if you have it open it.

·        Go to the search button and type “Shareit APP” and click on download.

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