Super Mario Run for iPhone, Gameplay and More

Super Mario Run

How is your new year resolution of not wasting time playing with mobile holding up? Well If good so far then I’m sorry to tell you that you’re soon to be a new addiction is going to be released very soon shortly.

super mario run


Everything you need to know about Super Mario Run

I’m talking about none other than Super Mario Run. It is an all new kind of Mario game in which the Mario keeps on running all the time and us as the user controls the jumps of the Mario by tapping the screen. It is a new generation of a game which the users will easily be able to play with one hand as they only have to jump and collect the coins and make high scores. In some ways it is very similar to early computer games as even in those you were only allowed to control the jumps of your character, we all still remember playing Prince don’t we. :’)

Currently, the game has made its debut exclusively for IOS for which it was released on December 15, 2016. The game was released in over 150+ countries and is having the size of 206Mb for download. The game is available for download for free with only some levels unlocked other levels can be unlocked by paying the sum of $10.

For users having the Android devices the game is yet to be released and is expected to hit the store sometime soon. The users can register for the release notification of the game on Google Play Store. So that they too can download the game and have fun like the IOS users are having.

super mario run gameplay

Link for registration

Super Mario Run Gameplay


super mario run characters

At the start of the game the only character we can play using is the Mario, but as we progress through the game, we can unlock other six characters. Each character has its different properties. Like Princess Peach and Yoshi have special powers, Luigi can jump higher than Mario.

The characters include:

  • Mario: Our very own hero.
  • Luigi: He is Mario’s twin brother he can jump a little higher than Mario.
  • Princess Peach: She has a unique power of traveling greater distances using floaty jump.
  • Toad: He provides Princess Peach with her impressive speed.
  • Toadette: She acts as the referee for Toad rally.
  • Yoshi: He can perform flutter jump and has no fear of spikes.


The Mario in all the levels keeps on running towards the right side of the screen and jumps only when we touch the screen. The duration of the touch also affects the hop intensity and the intensity increases when the duration of the touch increases. Mario can by itself grab ledges if he goes high enough and reaches them and can also jump over small obstacles on its own. If the screen is tapped when the Mario is over an enemy while jumping he bounces off the enemy. When the player touches the screen when the Mario is on the walls he performs a wall jump.


The game as a whole in tour mode has 24 levels which contain six worlds of 4 levels each. Out of these only level 1-1, 1-2, 1-3 and 20 seconds of 1-4 are freely available which is somewhat less as each level is only 90 seconds long. Other levels can be unlocked by purchasing the game.

Every level contains up to 5 pink coins among regular coins and inside brick blocks which can be collected. The value of one pink coin is equal to 10 regular coins. If all the five pink coins are collected in one go, they get replaced with Purple Coins in that level which is even tougher to obtain. If the player again receives all the coins he can now play the level with the black coins collecting all of them will have no further effect.

Super Mario Run Game Modes

In total, there are three game modes which include a tour, rally, and build.

  • World Tour

In this mode, we as the Mario has to run and jump through plains, airships, castles, and more. In the end, the Mario has to reach the Browser’s Castle and rescue his princess Peach by fighting the same old badass dragon-turtle.

  • Toad


In this mode, we are required to score as many points as we can by collecting the coins as quickly as we can. We can share those scores online and compete with our friends. We can also fill the gauge with smart moves to enter the “Coin Rush mode” which allows us to collect even more coins.

  • Kingdom Builder

This mode allows us to build our kingdom by unlocking articles using the coins which we collect and the toad followers that we collect in other game modes. The items which can be opened includes flowers, trees, and bridges by which we can decorate our Mushroom Kingdom.

Super Mario Run Sales for iOS

As everyone expected the game has broken down some very unbreakable records according to the app-tracking service Apptopia the game was downloaded over 2.85 million times on the day of its release, exceeding Pokémon Go‘s previously held record for first-week downloads. Within three days it was downloaded more than 37 million times. On December 23, 2016, Nintendo announced that the app was downloaded more than 50 million times in the first week of its release. This was the result of the fact that almost everyone from the current generation has played Mario and loved it and as now the game is available for download for our powerful, precious smartphones everyone wants to try it at least once. Even after these many downloads, it came out that only 2% of those who downloaded the game purchased the full version.  Which was somewhat expected as the price to unlock the full version of the game is $10 which is very high for such simple small game. In India, the price for unlocking the game equals to INR 690 as a result of which not even 1% of the users downloading the game would be interested in purchasing it.

Note: Don’t download from Third Party Sites

The official version of the game is not out yet for Android which led for hackers and other malware injectors to develop the unofficial clones of the app which are a type adware and can annoy you with popups and can even download and install additional apps on your device. It has been estimated that over 90,000 clones of the apps were developed in the first week of the release of the game for IOS. So everyone should now wait for the official game and do check once that the developer of the game should be “Nintendo Co., Ltd”.

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