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The Future of 3D Printing

3D Printing

Technology has improved so vastly these days; 3D printing is a great example for that. 3D printing is the process of printing an object 3 Dimensionally controlled by a computer. A 3D printer prints the object layer by layer using the data from a 3D model design given from Computer Aided Design(CAD) or other files. 3D printing was invented in the 1980s, since then 3D printers got its way in many fields.

The main advantage of 3D printing is reduced errors, perfect finishing and it made the work easy. For example, it may take a lot of time and efforts to create a plastic model like a sculptor, 3D printing can do that fast and with perfect finishing.

3d printing

The Future of 3D Printing

Present state

3D printing has already been a most used process in industries. Few companies have come up making their work completely based on 3D printing. It is used in making lightweight aerodynamic parts. Printing of action figures from video games and movies become popular.

3D printing has made its way through medical field also 3D printing bionic arms, bionic legs are extremely useful. Scientists are finding ways to use 3D printing to print tissues and body organs, bones. Research continues to get the most use out of 3D printing.

The Future

3D printing has made its way in many ways at present. With the advancement in technology day by day it indicates that 3D printing will continue to grow in all the fields. The improving ideas and knowledge scientists are going to make the use of 3D printing in many ways we can barely imagine today.

Medical field

The main area where 3D printing is going to be of a great use is the Medical field. 3D printing will be used in making bionic body parts like arms and hands, to print finger splints and many more. Doctors and researchers print a tumor model or cancer tissue and try to discover new cure and drugs with its help. Even in pharmacy 3D printing will be used to print pills which can be dissolved easily than regular pills making them more effective


3D printing will be a very useful tool in the field of arts. One just has to give his 3D model to the computer in the form of Computer Aided Design(CAD). The printer will print the sculptor layer by layer. That results in a beautiful sculptor designed by the artist and printed without errors and made in less time. Recently 3D printing pen was developed, Artists can draw a figure or make a structure just like he is drawing using an ordinary pen. There is no wonder that 3D printing is going to change the face of this field.


In construction industry 3D printing is already being used to in small extents. Soon 3D printing will be used in construction in large scale. With 3D printing architect can be flexible with the designs, 3D printing can make curve, rectilinear designs and much more which will be even stronger when compared to ones built by humans. When compared to regular construction 3D printing is of low cost. The materials required are not much expensive comparatively. Labour work will be reduced. 3D printing can make the process of construction so fast that a whole house can be built in a day or two.

In factories, 3D printers are being used in small scales. In coming days, it will increase widely. Production will get more efficient. Cut in labor work for operating machinery. Production costs will get very low because there is hardly any wastage during the printing process when compared to ordinary machine or human works. Raw materials required are also not much expensive comparatively. Stronger materials can be made with 3D printers, many car companies make the parts with 3D printers which are stronger enough to be used and are durable. Soon many and almost all the industries will be using 3D printing in one way or the other.


3D printing can make the learning process so easy and interesting. This is being used only in few schools, but in the future, this is going to be the main tool for teaching. It is always easy to learn when there is a practical example. Let us say students have to learn about human heart, the lecturer gets them a 3D printer and now they get a clear idea of it. 3D printing can easily step up the education process.

There are many more applications with 3D printers in the future. It can be used in defense, 3D printing a light weight drone which makes less noise will be of great use. Scientists also made printing food possible using the edible substance as the raw materials for printing. In the future 3D printer is going to be used in every possible way. Objects printed with this process is going to change the world saving lives, improve education, improve safety and what not. 3D printing

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