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Best Unblocked Music Sites for School 2016

Unblocked Music Sites

Let us assume a dramatic situation to make things interesting, it might take a bit of reading effort but trust me it would be worth it. You are at your college and your bestie(best friend/ BFF) shows up, unlike your previous other meetings this one turned out to be a bitter one, because you decide to separate, you had issues, and end up solving them through abandoning your friendship!

unblocked music sites

Well, what now? You are all alone, you are awfully sad but at a certain point it just clicks. Why not to listen up to some music and let the world sink in the background. You immediately take your smart phone out and try switching to your favorite music site. But since you are in your college and accessing internet through the college’s connection you just end up with a message which might thrash your heart into bits and pieces:




So, What now? What next? What to do? And this is where we actually get started! These are a few ways to tackle such problems. Here’s how to have Unblocked Music Sites for school! 


There a many free PROXY SITES that would allow you to access such music streaming websites regardless of where you are located. A proxy can enable you to hide your IP and would allow you to access content that is not available in your location. Just Google Search for it and you are through. If you want a better speed and a faster access then go for those ones which are paid. Check out the list of best proxy sites!

  1. USE A VPN:

Using a Virtual Private Network abbreviated as VPN is another effective way to unblock websites that are blocked by your institute in that region. VPN redirects online traffic through a secure tunnel, making it virtually invisible and impossible to access from third parties. VPN is more secure than using proxies and is highly recommended in such situations. Try out the very best VPN Services out there!

Recommended VPNs : NordVpn and ExpressVpn


Sounds quite weird isn’t it? Well you heard it right!

Apart from just translating things it contributes a bit in this field too. Colleges or Schools mostly use keywords to block access to such sites. For instance the sites that mention “music” are likely to be blocked. Copy the URL of the website and translate it to some other language. This might help you to bypass the restriction as the keyword is in some other language. Though this method is simple but it does not guarantee to work every time. But its definitely worth a try.

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Unblocked Music Sites

There are some websites that can be accessed hassle free and you can enjoy! You will find some websites below that allow you to do so.


This site gives you access to large selection of music for a number of different genres. You can easily browse and listen to great collection of music that too for free. You can create playlists and can share them once you have created an account.


This site is definitely one of the top music sites out there on the web and many renowned artists upload their content on this website. You can create playlists of your favorite songs it also allows us to share your playlists on various platforms in addition to that you can also upload your very own creation and let the world recognize you. The site itself is user friendly and keeps you notified with what your friend circle is listening.


This site features news, videos and music from artists worldwide and is free (yay!). Create an account and then you can upload your music too and also discover new releases. Easier searching and hence is highly time efficient, allows you to find what you are looking for in just fractions of seconds.


The site has beautiful interface and provides you with a variety of genres (like pop, rock, classical etc.). You can also access different sports and comedy content via this site.


The site itself clears it out that it is Royalty free music library that satisfies all the criterion to be suitable for schools. It is designed to fulfill the technological and licensing requirements for educational institutes. Soundzabound provides a variety of music and it is optimum for podcasts and presentations. It gives you access to a wide range of audio files which are compliant with copyright.

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Conclusion : Unblocked Music Sites

In conclusion, there are certain possible ways to access your beloved music and quench your never ending thirst of listening to MUSIC whatsoever be the condition that are mentioned above. If you have some other methods that are not listed above please share with us and help others  J.

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