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How to change Kik Display Name with Kik Name Generator

How To Change KIK Display Name

kik display name

KIK is one of the top chat messengers in the world. Over 150 million users use this application daily to interact with friends. KIK has some premium features of chatting and stickers to be the top messenger.

One attractive part about KIK is the anonymous display name. While in other social messengers, you have to give your username. That username will be visible to the friends. While in the case of KIK, you have the power to keep your identity unknown. It offers options for both username and display name. You need to give both names. The best part is that only display name will be visible to your contacts. Your real name will be protected to yourself. This is a great feature offered by KIK!

Sometimes, we really want to hide our identities. We may not want to reveal our real names in the social chats. KIK is the best option to interact with people without revealing your real identity.

Here in this post, I will how you how to change the display name.

Kik Display Name

Users get confused between username and display name. The display name is the name which is visible to your folks. When you in conversation, that display name will appear in your friend’s conversation with you! Same applies to your friend. This way, you can keep your identity unknown.

Well, the reasons for such confidentiality differ person to person. Sometimes, girls don’t want to reveal identities but want to take part in social activities. In that situation, the choice of  Mobdro for PC is awesome. It lets the user keep their identities safe from other users.


Steps In Changing KIK Display Name

Well, there is not particular reason for changing the display name. Some really need to be creative or someone got married and want to change the display name. As said earlier, reason differs a lot.

So coming to the main part, here are the essential steps for changing the display name:

  • On the top side of KIK screen, there is a Settings gear icon.
  • Click on “Settings” and select “your Account”.
  • In account menu, click on “Name”.
  • Here you will find your current display name. A new window will pop up for making a new display name.
  • You need to enter the first and last name. Now simply press OK and you are done!

So, these are simple steps to change your KIK display name. You can change it as many times you want to!


Kik Display Name Generator

You can generate Kik Display name easily by filling a simple form which has you Name, Nickname, your Hobbies as required fields on this site: http://www.spinxo.com/kik-names

Cute Kik Display Names

Username Ideas for Kik Messenger

Usernames for Guys




















Usernames for Girls





















Cool Kik Display Names

Pacific Paint

Swag Headlines

Naught Trends

Frozen Gas

Catchy Nails

Massive Vision

Punch Industry

Engaged Guilty

Dumb Subject

Crazy Focus

Absolutely Shine

Rabbit Jump

Leap Grave
Tango Tree

Cute Ownership

Delta Nights

Demon Dreams

Capri Crown

Tiny Force

Hulu Girl

Women Spin

Atlantic good looks

California Lionfish

Terror Coast

Pretty Law

Pandora Plug

Event Include

Incident Incomer

Occurrence Kent

Incident Serene

Incident Story

Laser Painter
Rare Raw

Mars Blue

Matrix Incident

Naylor Mysterious

Painter Activist

Painter Blue

Painter Crater

Painter Delight

Watercolorist Hurter

Painter Mysterious

Rigger Scoter

Painter Prank

Post Ghost

Sweet Blue

Peanut Looks

Butter Kiss

Positive Next

Foxy role

Career Train

Scratching Facts
Big Fart
Nice Mouth
Dirty Teeth

Dead Informed
Dino Turn

Serious Classification

Black Square

Crush Hunter

Northern Glory

Minor Leak

Nearly Effective

Whirlwind 18

Legislation Kara

Masterpiece Eyes

Infamous Freak

Strides Drink

Fantastic Fool

Ranging Ride

Overtaking Dupe

Aggressively Cool

Promo Punch

Snack Lips

Transplant Soul

Destination Blood
Stolen King

Proximity Pain

Passenger Plan

Sensor Glass

Concerns Line

Smash Fun

Affordable Love

Doodle Done

Rare Rips

Conflict Mentality

Rocking Profile

Blade Fart

Triple Sense

Drone Ground

Dracula Nurse
Nice Rider

Drafting Zeal

Flexible Look

Lawrence Legend

Cathy shore

About Blue

Objector Act

Activist Actuate

Protester Blue

Activist Cist
Beast Bow

Militant Exec

Activist Fully

Futuristic Precise

Activist Purist

Blue Activist

Red band

Blue Clue

Pink Flue


Blue Mysterious

Blue Anna

Blur Blue

Borg Painter

Cent Incident

Cist Activist
Freaking Fun

Exec Incident

Fatter Painter

Fighter Ghost

Frog Painter

Ghost Activist

Specter cherub

Ghost Chilled

Spirit Ghoul

Idol Activist

Incest Incident

Confrontation Girl

Incident Activist

Episode Fix

Incident Ghost

Unique Fun

Weird Touch

Lost Granny

Momma Mist

Mango Ring

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