Preparing for Next Year’s Consumer Electronics Show

Consumer Electronics Show

Consumer Electronics Show

Start-ups need all the market visibility they can get, and more. This definitely applies to all start-ups, no matter the industry, but particularly applies to tech start-ups. The technology sector is hugely competitive, there are hundreds, if not thousands, of new gadgets, software and media products that are launched every year and everyone wants to be in the spotlight.

When you say “tech start-up” you automatically think about CES, the most important tech scene in the United States and the largest tech convention in the world. The Consumer Electronics Show is the prime spot to make your product or service out there, make connections, advertise and get to known your competition. Held every year since 1967 in January, CES has become the leading consumer electronics show and everyone wants to be part of it.

Let’s see how you can prepare your business for next year’s Consumer Electronics Show, held January 5-8 in Las Vegas:

Define your message and create advertising products

CES is the most important opportunity to get your product or service known to the public and the media, so make sure you are ready to give your best. Start by getting your message and your product in order. Determine exactly what you want to show, to whom and, most importantly, how. Decide what features you want to show, what is special about your product or service and who is your target audience.

You must create advertising products, booklets, flyers, banners, specification documents, explanation materials, videos, pictures and presentations for your product. Don’t forget about outdoor advertising – large banners, inflatable banners, flags, free-standing signs will get your company in front of thousands of people, all hungry for the latest tech devices.

Similarly, you’ll have to create your own digital media kit for the press, you must be ready to answer any questions, give interviews, host interactive presentations, workshops and hands-on reviews. Also, create an online presence, where you can collect contact information from media and news outlets, attract leads, social influencers and potential first clients. A landing page will help you tremendously during this stage – it’s easy to use, user friendly and requires minimal maintenance.

Begin a press outreach campaign

Journalists will be your best friends at CES, but only if you know how to lure them to your product before the main event. Try to get a list of journalists who are often assigned to CES and contact them, informing about your product and company. Contact, as much as possible, journalists from major news and media outlets or important review websites focused on your niche.

CES offers multiple ways for businesses to connect with the media, especially paid opportunities, such as CES Unveiled Las Vegas, where, for a fixed fee, you can get your product in front of a panel of leading media and tech journalists. Free alternatives include exhibitions, demos, workshops and conferences. Also, a great way to market your product is to contact the competition, set up meetings with them and other journalists, as well as leading figures in the industry.

Look at events that precede CES

Everyone knows about CES – it’s massive, it attracts thousands of visitors and it has a fantastic media coverage, but there are other important events leading up to CES. Basically, not everything happens in those 3 days in January. There are a lot of big tech events that are closely linked to CES and they can be awesome jumping-off points for your business or product. One of the best  CES  warming-up events is the Vegas Tech Fund Show, held in December, where hundreds of products are featured. It’s a great opportunity for business owners and product designers to connect with journalists and the public.

Make the reservations for conference rooms, or exhibition spaces

Scheduling is one of the most important aspects you need to cover for your CES presentations. There are a lot of variables that go into this equation: you’ll have an exhibition stand, a quiet space for interviews, a room for workshops and hands-on reviews, and a conference space. These all have to be planned before, so make sure you have them all scheduled accordingly. For instance, it’s very important to have a quiet office space where you could meet potential investors or important clients. It will help you a lot when you try to focus on your pitch and your presentation.

Conclusion – focus on long-term connections

This is an area which most business owners and product designers overlook – CES is all about the connections you make and how you can maintain them. Sure, it’s great to see your product getting applauded and cheered at, but the most important aspect is to create a fruitful relationship with people who matter for the success of your business – investors, journalists and the public. A product’s feature may be revolutionary, but focusing only on that may prove short-term. Try to bring long-term solutions, ideas and products. This will guarantee that your company will be in the spotlight for the next CES.

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