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Get Started on Photo Editing with Movavi Photo Editor

Photo Editing using Movavi Editor

Movavi Photo Editor is an efficient photo editor for performing small photo editing tasks. For example, if you want to remove some objects or change the background, you will find that the software meets your needs. The object removal tool allows you to remove anything that is preventing your photo from looking perfect.It provides you with the red brush tool to mark the unwanted objects. There is no difficult step involved for deleting the unwanted objects. You just make red markings on the unwanted object with the brush tool and click the Cut-Out button. You can watch the progress bar reach 100% as it removes the objects with red markings one by one.

Photo Editing using Movavi Editor

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The clone tool can help you in smoothing out the areas that are distorted because of failure to regenerate a pattern that looks as natural as the surrounding scene. You can use the clone tool to choose a starting point and clone the distorted area slowly until it looks natural. Movavi Photo Editor offers lots of effects filters that are easy to use and can improve your pictures. You can use any combination of effects filter on the photo. There are hundreds of effects filters, and you will find everything from filters that offer a traditional look to filters that can add a dramatic look on the picture. Get more details at https://www.movavi.com/picture-editor/.

The text editor allows you to add text in creative ways onto the photo. You can use the text rotation tool to add slanted text that is hard to read on the picture. It is advised that you add the text to an area with a plain background. For example, if you have a photo of a sunset sky above a sea, You can add the text on the sunset sky so that the text can be easily read. If it is a beautiful picture with complex textures and you can’t find a plain spot to put the text, you can use the blur tool in Adjust tab to slightly blur the photo. You can move the blur slider to the right until it achieves the right blur effect just as you want. After that, you can go back to the text editor tool to add the text. As you can see, the text appears easier to read now.

If your photo is crooked, you need to make it straight by using the straighten tool. Most people have difficulties straightening the photos without ruler guidelines, so it is recommended that you click the level tool button to activate the dotted grid white lines. You can drag the angle slider until the straight line in the photo matches with the vertical dotted grid white lines. After you straighten the photo with the angle slider, you can go to the crop tab to crop off the edges so that the picture look professional. If you want to rotate the photo up to 360 degrees, you must use the angle slider. If you just want the flip the photo, you can press the appropriate flip buttons. You can flip the photo in four ways including left, right, up and down.

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