How to Play XCOM 2 Game With Ease

XCOM 2, a game sequel to XCOM: Enemy Unknown, developed by Firaxis Games, Feral Interactive was released on the 5th of February 2016. XCOM 2 has been broadly well received by reviewers with an attractive Metacritic rating of 88%. GameSpot awards it a score of 9 out of 10. Victory is the apparent intent.
XCOM 2 won “Best Strategy Game of 2016” honours by PC Gamer and IGN. If you are a beginner or need tips to play the XCOM 2 game efficiently, then continue reading.

Xcom 2

1. Analyse The XCOM 2 Battlefield

Zoom over the map to know more about the frontiers, Outline your aspirations, and have an idea of where opponents may be prowling. Also, Never leave the XCOM soldier free. Make sure every turn ends with all of the soldiers behind a shielding cover. Always use XCOM 2 console commands in the game.
The track forward may look dull and empty, but that doesn’t mean the enemies aren’t there. An enemy’s field of vision, as far as hiding is concerned, isn’t exposed to you until you’ve detected them. Do advance a bit more freely, but don’t dash ahead with spirit. Also, beware objectives that block the line of sight. A crowd of enemies may be sauntering from behind just after you’ve entered.

2. Use Weapon Mods

Although they might seem inadequate, Weapon Mods are some of the helpful parts of the game. They may not seem ideal due to stats that look weak initially, but they are surely worth it. There are already loads of mods you can download to twitch and enhance your practice with XCOM 2 which, due to the Steam Workshop, are simple to install. Scopes are an absolute one, as having more efficiency is always beneficial. Laser Sights are wondrous on the

Ranger, as they promote Critical Chance based on how close you are to the objective. Higher magazines work adequately on the Ranger and any other class that you know will be firing many times a round. As you unlock different weapons, you’ll gain additional slots, letting you equip two mods at a time. Be certain every time you get different soldiers you provide them with at least one mod.

3. Overwatch

At times, you don’t have a fabulous shot ready and you’d preferably keep an officer clasped. Maybe you’re expecting they’ll barrel into the embrace of your team’s arena of fire. Overwatch is a quintessential tool. It lets you set up a character to respond to an enemy move by striking, which is necessary for guarding against flankers and setting up traps. It’s technically a preventive move, but it should be a part of all good offensive tactics.

At first, try to complete each turn with at least one of the soldiers on overwatch. You’ll nearly regularly be glad you dropped someone watching behind. Its reaction shots do suffer an aim penalty for their promptness, but that penalty may be significantly smaller than firing at an attacker behind bricks. Reloading costs just one of your actions, and you can overwatch quickly later if you don’t move.

4. Destroy Infinitely

Battlefields are saturated with destructible targets. Approximately everything can be finished. This is a tremendous tool for a player so, learn to employ it. For example, if an alien’s attacking you from behind nigh-impenetrable defence, blow up their cover with a grenade. (Grenadiers are exceptional for this.) With cover gone, you’ll likely see the 33 percent hit-chance rocket to 80, 90, or even 100. It’s brilliant. Identify though, this can be used against you, be attentive of the thin walls and other objects you store behind.

5. Possess A Varied Squad

One of the primary amenities you can build is the Guerrilla Tactics School. You can utilise it to perform a number of upgrades for your troops and increase the squad size. Five soldiers are much more threatening than the four you begin with and will give you the chance to develop your soldiers more instantly. Soldiers in XCOM 2 have randomly created names, faces, and backstories.

You can switch all that, nonetheless, by going in and thoroughly customising each character. Putting a different name and face on each of your characters makes it extra fun. Although it might sound like a fabulous idea to have 6 Grenadier characters, it’s not very efficient and overlooks you needing in different categories. There is a total of 5 classes, so to maximise your team’s effectiveness, you should bring one of each class, then use the sixth slot for whatever particular character type you like most.


One of the significant changes from XCOM to XCOM 2 the higher importance on vertical movements and destructible environments. Also, the game is much more liberal with the number of explosives you can take from mid-to late game. This can be an advantage because you can collapse floors out from underneath the Advent forces to administer extra damage. In the urban maps, try to get the whole squad on the rooftops so you can fire down at everyone with height bonuses. And if you find any enemies on the same level, you can blow them up, and they fall to the ground for more damage.

You can instantly have rise bonuses for the rest of the turn on anyone who survived. Speaking of destructible environments, the Specialists’ area scanner skill is also super valuable since it lets you reveal enemies behind walls. You can apply that knowledge to set up ambushes in the deficiency of the concealment bonus. Just lead your squad towards the appropriate wall, put on overwatch, and have one frame blast through the wall and enemies. Having said that, sometimes you watch your roster, look at the difficulties facing you, and understand you’re entirely outmatched.

There is no obligation in quitting your game and starting over. Each following time through the first several missions will give you an opportunity to reprioritize and reckon which upgrades are most beneficial to you, and restarting doesn’t make the game any less unpredictable and entertaining.

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