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Top News App For Android Smartphone

When someone asks me to write something about the apps that have been marvelous with all its features, creating a benchmark for the other apps. Every year our focused and determined developers are on the run of developing the best one for us and for that they sacrifice all their sleep and comforts. No matter what is the situation they seemed to be ready for their work. Their hard work and determination let them develop an app that has the power to thrash down anything coming right its way. Here in this article, I will mainly focus on the news app that let us fly into the excursive world without any cost.

So, have a deep look at them.

News Apps for Android Smartphone 

  1. INKL: – The main motto of this app is to present a stream of news before you that has the potential to drive you far from the noises of the world. Once tapped on the favorite part of the topic, the whole of the article will be disclosed thus making you more prone towards it. The most captivating and mesmerizing feature is its ad-free nature which allows the user to freely read the news without worrying about the hindrance. The app is a must downloaded one and once scrolled you can hardly let it slip off from your mind.

Download here INKL APP

  1. SMART NEWS: – The app which has been extremely beautiful in digging up the entire contents of the world is now available to let you enjoy the cool features of it. It covers the news according to the subjects thus making you look deep into the topics without the tensions of the outside world. Once dug it does not left even a single sign of soil of knowledge and power. All these features make it a must downloaded the app on the device.


Download here SMART NEWS

  1. AWESUMMLY: – Now the master of all the short news app comes. Here is this glorious app competing with the other apps in every aspect and not even giving a single chance to win the race. The app really deserves the praise and appreciation and why not, where other app fails, it starts its territory. The features which it offers to its users is far more than appreciable. It contains all the information of the world and presents before you at the right time when there is an increased level of necessity for that burning topic comes. It is an ad-free app that allows the offline reading of the news anytime anywhere. It also allows the user to share a particular news with their friends if they find the contents interesting and descriptive. You can also listen to the audio news and be pointing out which one is important for you.

Read direct short news from the website: https://www.awesummly.com/news/

Download here news app

  1. GOOGLE NEWS AND WEATHER: – When talks about the news app are going on and ignoring this weatherly app will be like ignoring the best ones from the collection of the normal ones. It updates us regarding the climate condition and the surrounding change in temperature. You can’t predict the nature of the weather and so this app plays a crucial role in notifying you about the weather conditions. What would be going to b a condition of the weather one hour after the present time? All you can predict once you have this ap installed on your device.



  1. FEEDLY: – The app which comes as an alternative for the Google Reader is gaining the positive responses from all around the world. In this limited period of time, it has let the others know about its existence in the market. The app which collects information from the other sources allows you to save your articles to be read in the leisure time.


Download here FEEDLY

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