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How to start a blog and write your first post

Hello Loopers,

Over the past years Blogging has come up as an full time career with various scopes in various niches. But everyone has to begin with nothing, like I did, like those professional bloggers did and I hope like you will do.



So let’s start one by one,

the very first thing you need to think about is what you actually want to blog about. Something which doesn’t look like a burden to you, something which interests you. Remember blogging can make you rich but it really needs interest to go on and struggle. After you have decided what to blog about, set your mind for hard work, commitment and PATIENCE.

Now to decide – What’s going to be your site name? You have to buy a domain that is your site url. Selecting a domain is also an very important step. Your domain should be well oriented towards your blog niche, should not be very long. Its always better if you have your blog topic in the name of your domain which helps you in better ranking. I will write another post to how to choose a perfect domain.

Your blog needs space over the internet to store what you are writing,posting or say uploading, which is termed as hosting. Now its on if you want to do blogging for fun or look for a future in it. If you actually have to have a part time or full time career, you should go for a paid hosting in order to work on a platform like WordPress. Fun blogging can be done on Blogger ( A Google Platform ) for free. You can also use sub-domains which are free provided by Blogger and WordPress having the layout like : xyz.blogspot.com (Blogger) or xyz.wordpress.com(WordPress).

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After you have your site name and site space, its finally time for you to start blogging. A good looking site will attract viewers which means you also have to setup your site look with different widgets. Your site’s look can be easily changed by templates. Blogger allows you to upload a template of your choice available for free on the internet.

There you go.. Write your first blog!


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