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How to be your own Advanced Tech Support

Be your own Advanced Tech Supportadvanced tech support


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This is the generation of computers and digital awesomeness. Everything, and I stress – Everything, works on computers and software. Almost no work(or play) can be done without the usage of a smart gadget. From simple playing of music to mass-destruction & world domination(I’m joking, don’t take this seriously :p), you can use a laptop to make your work a lot easier. Obviously, these amazing devices also need some sort of maintenance, which is sometimes far beyond the scope of anyone who is not from a technical background. Yet other times, the problems you get on your PC, laptop, phone or tablet are so simple and do not even require you to do anything outside common sense. These are mostly software-related, but few of them may be related to hardware too. Why should you fish out cash and/or get cheated on by company engineers? Let me give you some tips on how to be your own tech-support.

1. Analyse your problem.

Sounds super basic, I know. But it is one of the most integral parts of this really hard procedure. Understand your problem and think on why it may have been caused. Know whether it is a software fault or hardware fault. Error messages and error codes returned can help you to realize the solution easily in most cases, so take your time to read the message rather than just press OK and try the same thing you just did again to get the same result : An error. Error codes might be a little more complex, so it is explained later.

Also, don’t freak out for just any problem. Some problems are so small they can be ignored as they won’t really hinder you from World Domination. You can leave these kind of problems for another time when they are relevant or when you have nothing else to do.

2. Try the general methods.

Use common sense to solve your problems once you’ve understood what it really is and what’s causing it. Here are some of the most common methods.

  • Once you’ve read the error message, use your simple logic to remove the error. For example, if the error message says “The File name already exists, Please choose a different save name.”, it is obvious that all you need to do is add a ‘1’ to the end of the file. XD Joking aside, in devices of this generation, it is usually understandable what you need to do to fix the problem. If what you just did did not solve the problem and probably worsened it, you can always undo.
  • Close the application and start it again. In simple language, sometimes an unexpected input from user can make the coding go haywire, causing bugs and errors. Easiest way to get through this is to close the application and start it again. This is common in video games(remember to save before exiting, kids).
  • If your problem is not from any application, but from the OS or interface, restarting or rebooting the device actually solves most problems. Smartphones, routers, etc most commonly can be fixed by this method.
  • If you have any trouble-shooting guide or manual for the device, you could, you know, try reading it. A list of error codes and their solution is also given, that will help you out.
  • A last resort to every software problem-Factory reset your device. It erases all of your personal data, so consider yourself warned.

3. Tech Support Forum

If you can’t solve your problem yourself, find the answers given by others who have encountered and found the solution to the problem. Just go to google and search your problem. You might also try searching your problem with a suffix “solved”.And please-Search Smart. For example:Search “PC overheating solutions” and not “HOW DO I MAKE MY LAPTOP COOL DOWN I CANT LIVE WITHOUT IT BECAUSE THIS LAPTOP IS MY LIFE”. I mentioned error codes earlier, you can also look them up online for easy solutions. You will find many sites, sort of like this one, giving you the same or sometimes different solutions.

You can get the solution to literally all your problems, hardware or software, on the World Wide Web. All you need is a internet connection, a good idea of your problem and some patience.

Search engines will give you a wide range of links where you can find the solutions. Video giant Youtube will most likely give you the best solutions, because you can see the problem and exactly how to solve it right n front of you. It is easier than reading someone else type the solution(sometimes in bad English) and then making sense of it.

The internet is full of helpful people as it is with jerks who would just like to troll you and make a fool of you. Always use a trusted site,or a better option is the official forums of the company, where many people have already posted their problems, which are likely to be similar to yours. If not, you can post your problem there too, and you will get a reply from someone who has the solution, usually someone from the company itself. Be polite on such sites!

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4. Sometimes you have to accept defeat…

Not always can you solve your problems. If your display gets cracked or you drop your smart phone into water and it doesn’t start, you might just have to give it back for repairing. If any of the solutions given online do not work, you have to ask the company itself to do it for you. The manufacturer of your device, will obviously have a customer-care helpline or site where you can get into contact with someone from the company who can help you out. And if he/she can’t supervise you to do it over the phone, they will send an employee to solve your problem.

This is mostly true for hardware problems, as in most cases you can’t fix anything physical without the proper knowledge. Software problems are relatively easier to solve by yourself.


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