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Does Apple’s iPhone 7 and 7 Plus suck or not?

     iPhone 7 Sucks?

Apple announced the release of the iPhone 7 and 7 Plus early this morning at a live event. The new phone features the same build and design as those of its predecessors, but Apple have incorporated a few significant changes with their newest venture in the smartphone market. So if you are planning to invest in an iPhone here’s everything that you need to know about Apple’s new poster boy.


iPhone 7 Sucks?

What do you think, iPhone sucks? Read what we think below and comment your verdict..

It’s water resistant!

After a long drawn out wait Apple have finally jumped on the waterproofing bandwagon and made the latest iPhone water resistant. Yes, and we quote “water resistant” and not waterproof which makes us wonder whether or not the iPhone 7 will be able to complete with the likes Galaxy Note 7 in terms of waterproofing. Only time will tell, we guess. This feature was really long overdue and not something to moon over, but definitely something to mention about the new iPhone.

An all new processor, meet the A10 fusion!

The iPhone 7 feature an all new quad core processor dubbed the A10 fusion. This new processor features two additional cores which help making the iPhone work faster and last longer. Marketed as the “fastest processor to ever feature in a smartphone” , it features a 64 bit architecture with an embedded M10 motion coprocessor. Apple have said that the new chip works twice as fast as the one in the iPhone 6 now whether they’re telling us the truth, waits to be seen, but the new processor sure sounds like a winner right now.

Two extra hours of battery life

As mentioned earlier the new processor allows the iPhone 7 to work for longer hours, two more to be precise. Apple claim this is the longest battery life to ever be seen in an iPhone. In a market where turbo change is increasingly becoming one of the preferred methods for charging up phones, we can only hope that the charging provided can live up to the battery life.

The 3.5mm jack is gone

One of the most controversial announcement made by Apple was the fact that they had indeed excluded the 3.5mm audio jack from the iPhone 7 and 7 Plus. This comes as a big shock to the smartphone community as a whole, because the new iPhone users will now have to rely on Bluetooth or lightning based earphones to listen to their music.

“The reason to move on comes down to one word — courage,” Apple’s Phil Schiller explained onstage. “This is really important, our smartphones are packed with technologies…it’s all fighting for space. Maintaining an ancient analogue connector doesn’t make sense”
The new iPhones will come with a lightning to 3.5mm jack converter in the box. Which you will have to carry around with you if you wish to listen to your music the old way.
A smart move? We think not!


At 7.1mm the iPhone 7 is exactly as thick as the iPhone 6,but wait a minute, Apple allegedly got rid of the audio jack to make the design slimmer and more compact. So where is this slimmer design we are talking about? We’re not impressed Apple, we’re not impressed.

A better screen

The new iPhones come with Retina screens, just like their predecessors. But this time around the screens are said to be 25% brighter and are also said to provide a wider colour range. The native resolution of the iPhone 7 is quoted to be 1334*750 pixels, whereas the 7 plus has a resolution of 1920*1080 pixels.

Better camera(s)

Perhaps the biggest innovation made by Apple in the design of the iPhone 7 is the inclusion of an all new dual lens system. The 12MP cameras come with optical image stabilization and improved low light photography. Even the front camera has been bumped up to a 7MP shooter. Perhaps the best news for serious mobile photographers is the fact that the new iPhones bring in RAW photos for the first time ever.
Apple really took it up a notch by including the dual camera, with one of the camera also featuring a telephoto lens, which allows the iPhone to portray depth perception better than ever. The new camera system is surely one of the things we’re excited to check out in the iPhone 7.

New colours

We know, we know! Colour really doesn’t matter to the tech connoisseurs of the world but to us simple lads, it does. The iPhone will be available in black, for the first time ever. New colours include a decent matte black number and a glossy black finish.

A redesigned home button

The last major change made by Apple is the completely remapped home button. The new pressure sensitive button will support gestures. Another decent improvement we say!

Our verdict on iPhone 7 sucks

All said and done the new iPhone does look pretty promising. Although most of the allure comes from the new dual camera system and the new processor, the iPhone 7 looks like a device that might just be easy and fun to use in your day to day schedule. Apple seem to have done a decent job on this one. So much so that we’re gonna go ahead and say that the iPhone 7 doesn’t suck. But whether it will actually impress customers come release day we wait to see.

Already got the new iPhone? Tell us about your experience in the comments below.


Image Credits : apple.com


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  1. Sucks so much my record of buying incarnations of every numerized phone for a decade is ending. iPhone-3-4-5-6 (will wait for 8Pro and dual SIM card). Long live the 3.5mm

  2. For as much as I shelled out for this re-pop, I’m not impressed at all. It is smoother running & the camera is good. The home button is ok. The sound is better but not twice as loud like Tim Cook said. To me it like I paid full price $1032.99 for a little faster phone with a camera that lacks the software to do the the things they showed in presentation. In a drop test video the camera glass breaks on first drop on iPhone 7 + but the screens didn’t on either iPhone. My choice to get the iPhone 7 plus was made solely on the fact that I don’t want an all glass phone. I assume,like the new Apple Watch it may be ceramic. Ceramic expands & contracts too much to make a worthy phone. I don’t want to be another tester for a phone like the iPhone 4 which sucked. I would rather let the first gen of a new all glass design play out before I buy an 8. MOLED phones are supposed to eat through battery life, so I’ll let it go when it comes out. I may be totally wrong, but I also have a solid trade for it if it is cool. Just my 2¢

  3. Not impressed… it’s an update from the 6. I got the 7 and wish I had gotten the Plus cause then at least id have the better camera. I don’t know if anyone else’s is glitching. Mine glitches like crazy when I type. The new button actually kinda pisses me off. Overall it’s lame

  4. Just like their line of iMacs today, upgrading your iPhone offers nothing substantial or special, other than a slight bump in speed performance. And on that note, the whole “this phone is faster, that’s why you need it!” thing is a big joke in itself. Through inefficient programming, useless feature additions, and other so-called optimizations under the hood, Apple products are made intentionally slower, and slower, and slower, for the sole purpose of making you buy yet another unspecdial version of something you already own. And yeah, the thing might be water resistant, but 1) has there really been that high a percentage of people who have run into water issues, and 2) it’s a follow-the-competition move, as some android phones already have this.

    I recently bought a new iMac, and my god that thing was outrageously expensive (and retrospect, foolish to buy). And the thing is, it offers nothing special or new that my old iMac didn’t already provide (again, other than so-called speed). In fact, the new computer has FEWER features than my old iMac – on the new machine there is no audio-in, no upgradable memory, the speakers sound worse than the old iMac, and there’s no optical drive. This is the way Apple operates by today: scale back on parts, which also incidentally saves the company money on warranty claims, unnecessary change what doesn’t need to be changed, and try to trick the user into thinking they are getting something better. Relying solely on penny pinching, squeezing the customer out of their money, and smoke-and-mirrors “innovations” is what apple is relying on these days to make a profit, instead of actually innovating. And my point with all of this? The iPhone 7 is no different. It’s a product of this new philosophy of Apple. Yeah, there are some so-called new features on the iPhone 7, but the whole of it is just a corporate dance (timed release), only to sell more products and make it look like you’re getting something special, when in fact you are not. And, just like with my experience with my recent iMac, you’re actually getting something less: no headphone jack, and a crappier, clunky, convoluted, aesthetically unrefined OS (iOS 10). To me, that is a deal breaker.

    Sadly, Apple is not the company it once was. And even worse, they are not just losing their edge, but becoming a joke in the process with some of the absurd maneuvers they have made in recent years.

    I’m a long time Mac user (1991 and forth), and I’ve used the iPhone since the first version. I’m sad to say, I am actually considering switching to PC and Android.

  5. I don’t care about the headphone jack I think this way we may begin a time where everything is connected through one jack! It’s the future but nobody likes it, it will just take time for people to adjust. For me, Apple is better for one crucial fact which is the OS and I think the design is also important. Android phones for me look really bad and the flow between apps and everything is bad only thing is good is not having to open apps to use them but still I wouldn’t change my iPhone for anything else.

  6. Just ordered an iPhone 7 Plus 256 GB Jet Black Model.. Frankly – am never a fan of iPhones… I stayed with Nokia Lumia 735 and it was a lovely phone made bad due to lack of Apps (Facebook App kept crashing and it is official – they fix bugs too slowly).. So had to give up and moved to Lenovo Vibe X5 – basically sucked.. The phone was good but Android accumulates lot of filth and became horribly slow… And it became boring to use (Windows was fun)…. I used my brother’s iPhone and did not find it to be a “fun” device.. Nevertheless the build quality is good… Other than that – the phone seemed to offer nothing more than an Android device (other fewer crashes, more speed)… I still miss my Windows phone 🙁 …

  7. I work from home and use the copy and paste a lot in my job. This new pressure touch thing doesn’t work half the time. A piece of junk! I’m yelling at this stupid phone Most of the day!! I’m so frustrated!! Wish I hadn’t bought it!

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