The Art and Science of Perfect Email

Email is an ideal platform for reaching out. However, we definitely live in a world of too much email. And, it’s no wonder why it goes wrong so often. Business people consider their inbox as a work task, which has to be completed as quickly as possible. That’s why, a perfect email should immediately capture and maintain a reader’s attention, as well as provide a beneficial opportunity. Huh, creating such an email is no small task.

The following checklist will come in handy if you want to master the science of perfect email in order to maximize conversions and click-through rates with every message you send:

1. Straightforward subject line. This is obviously not a right place to be mysterious. Provide a convincing reason why your email is worth opening. Save the word “Urgent” for burning tasks, and better replace is with working “Your Action Required”. Also, avoid the word “Please”. It’s perceived as if you’re demanding things you don’t deserve.

2. Maintain the script:

  • Greeting. Start the message with recipient’s name. Everybody appreciates their names more than generic introductions.
  • Pleasantry. Do your homework: learn as much as possible about the recipient and find out a genuine context: how you can make a compliment, praise their professional activity or informative speech at the recent conference.
  • Objective. Explain the reason of emailing. Limit yourself to 150-200 words, and maintain fragmentary sentence structure.
  • Call-to-action. Provide specific instructions to let your recipient know what exactly you expect from them.
  • Email signature. Well-done signature not only provides access to your contact details but also highlights your attentiveness to details and promotes your company. Newoldstamp service offers a good selection of ready-to-use email signature templates.

3. ASAP rule. Which actually means “As short as possible”. Read your email twice and thrice in order to eliminate wordiness. Avoid ALL CAPS. Email etiquette regards it as “shouting” at the reader.

4. One goal at a time. Remember a golden rule: one email – one desired outcome. Do not overload your reader with too many requests, and consider writing a separate email, if you need to communicate more than one topic.

5. Proofread. Take an extra effort to polish your email and ensure your message is absolutely error-free. Carefully check out all grammar and punctuation mistakes.

6. Be friendly. Use conversational and engaging tone in your message, but be careful to avoid inappropriate humor, emoji, and smiles. The line between being authentic and seem unprofessional is too thin.

7. Get organized. Use headlines, bold keywords, and bullet lists to help move the reader’s eye down the digital page. Make your digital message concise, descriptive and easy to digest.


Following these simple but often overlooked tips will help you achieve 100% awesomeness of your emails. This advice will enable you to transform generic cold emails into persuasive pitches, bolster your marketing efforts, and encourage the growth of your business.Science has changed our world and daily life. Science has given reason of everything but still there are some mysterious things science can’t explain to us. 

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