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Best WordPress Classified Plugin : WpAdverts Review

WordPress Classified Plugin

Are you looking for a straightforward and easy way to integrate classifieds into your WordPress website? Tired of looking around for plugins that’ll work effortlessly? Well, fret not, because we’re here today with the perfect plugin for you!

Best WordPress Classified Plugin: WpAdverts

wordpress classified plugin

The WordPress Classifieds Plugin by WPAdverts is one of the best in business when it comes to classifieds plugins.And it comes with a free online demo where you as a website owner can figure out how the plugin works, from your side as well as your clients. Don’t get what we’re going on about? Well in the demo mode, there are two ways i.e. The Administrator Demo mode wherein you can check out the behind-the-scenes back end of WPAdverts through the eyes of a site owner and the Frontend Demo where you can try WPAdverts as a client with a support request. You can take yourself through the classified submitting process and also browse and manage existing ads.

Seems pretty legit to a demo, right? It gets better. How do you ask?


One Click Installation

It just works. Install WPAdverts like any other WordPress plugin. You can do it on any new or already existing blog. Setup shortcodes as you see fit and run your classifieds site like a pro.

Works with ANY Theme

WpAdverts is always fully compatible with latest WordPress version and works great with EVERY (properly coded) WP theme. Just upload the plugin, activate it and you are ready to go. Like literally. Get going you Bloggers!

Use With Other Plugins

Integrated with many third party plugins (Yoast SEO, Jetpack and more). Free add-ons provide increased functionality and allow to create a unique user experience for your site visitors. So that you’ll never have compatibility issues again. Believe us; we know what a pain it can be when two of your favorite plugins refuse to work alongside each other, kinda like Game of Thrones… Okay, this is getting out of hand…

Modular Build

WPAdverts is bundled with multiple modules, at any time you can deactivate or activate any of them to extend your classified site’s capabilities easily.

Developer Friendly

The plugin is developed with developers in mind, it uses the best WordPress coding practices, allows to prolong the plugin with hooks and filters and is properly documented.

Support That Cares

Having a problem? Email support and get a useful (and friendly!) answer in less than 24 hours. On top of that, they provide software documentation to get you started quickly. Cause we know you don’t have the patience to sit and wait. We don’t either.

classifieds plugin wordpress

Conclusion: WPAdverts WordPress Classified Plugin

Got enough reasons now? Want one more? Well, as of now they are having a HUGE discount on their all extension bundle a.k.a. “All extensions, one price, huge discount.” according to their website and the price has been slashed by a massive 45%.


Head over to WpAdverts.com to get your own classifieds plugin today! Oh and, tell them we said hi 😉

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