College Dunia Review: Find your Dream College today!

Looking for a college is a hard task. Finding the right course is even more so difficult and then making sure you opt for the right college, give the right exams, get the perfect rank. It’s all a very tiring affair. In the ages where you should be out there enjoying your life, you’re stuck in there (on the internet) looking for everything mentioned above. I mean getting through High School is a task in itself. You get a well deserved break right after wherein you dream of the parties and the beaches and the what not, but all you end up looking at are colleges, entrance exams and bank loan documents. And before you know it your free time is over and the grind starts all over again.

Now you can’t just skip the research, that’s for sure. You need to take your time to find the best institute to shape your future, but what you can do is limit the time you spend looking around for everything. We’re here today to help you do just that. We’ve found the perfect and we mean PERFECT. Yes i just put that in all caps and bold. The solution in question today is a website/service called CollegeDunia.com



College Dunia Features a host of different parameters that you can use to filter out your search for the best institute. Literally, a whole plethora of options open up for you once you register yourself up on College Dunia here’s a quick look through some of them:

Find Best College

Colleges on College Dunia are sorted by a system of ratings that make it really simple for you to find the best college for your specific course.  All you have to do is head in and select the course you’re interested in and College Dunia and it pops up with the best colleges around that match your filter. They then proceed to add in a little bit about the college like the yearly fee, the basic info, and brochures.

Explore Exams

College Dunia gives you a brief insight on all the upcoming exams for all the respective fields with vital information such as links for registration, exams dates, schedules, and centers.  This is really helpful as it becomes your one stop solution for all things exam related.


There are hundreds if not thousands of reviews for nearly every single college up on College Dunia. This really helps you get a real good insight on the college you’re considering enrolling yourself into. Owing to the fact that you’ll spend the best part of the next 3/4 years in the college you should make it a point to filter through as many reviews as you can. Most reviews cover nearly every single aspect of the college right from the curriculum to the canteen. So make it a point to go through these thoroughly.

Rank Predictor

The rank predictor is a really cool feature up on College Dunia. This feature really helps you get rid of the pre result anxiety and deal with the situation a bit more calmly. Wondering how it works?Choose your Exam from the list and enter necessary details such as your name, registration number, preferred location. Enter your expected marks in the next step and let the service do the rest for you. Lay back in your chair and let the page load. Who knows, your dream colleges could be in the list.

The Verdict

The website is really a boon to all those on the lookout for colleges/courses. It really helps ease down the anxiety and the pain of going through countless websites looking for the course to match up with your expectations. the website is really easy to use and so are the apps which is available on Android at the time of writing this review,but soon to be available on iOS.

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