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Typing ° Degree Symbol in Word, Excel and HTML

Degree Symbol in Word, Excel and HTML Tutorial

Many people find it difficult to add a Degree Symbol to their content or work while using Microsoft Word, Microsoft Excel or coding HTML websites. The degree symbol (°) is a typographical symbol that is used to represent degrees of arc, hours, degrees of temperature, alcohol proof, ordiminished quality in musical harmony. The symbol consists of a small raised circle.

Below is the ultimate tutorial guide for you to easily add a Degree Symbol. Jump in!

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degree symbol in word

Degree Symbol in Word

Degree Symbol in Word can inserted by using the following method :

Method 1

You can type a Degree Symbol in Word by

  1. Holding CTRL + SHIFT.
  2. Pressing “@”.
  3. Releasing CTRL And SHIFT.
  4. Pressing Space Bar.

Method 2

  1. Hold ALT Key.
  2. Type 0176 on Numeric Keypad Only.
  3. Release ALT Key.

Method 3

  1. Type 00B0.
  2. Press ALT + X.

Method 4

Adding Degree Symbol in Word is possible by using their User Interface. Follow these steps :

  1. Open your MS Word Document.
  2. Go to Insert tab and Click on Symbol.
  3. Click on More Symbols.
  4. Find Font Drop Down Menu and select (normal text).
  5. Find Degree Symbol and Click on Insert.

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Degree Symbol in Excel

You can add a Degree Symbol in Excel by following the methods below :

Method 1

Adding the Degree Symbol by the Insert Tab just like Method 4 for Degree Symbol in Excel.

Method 2

Using Windows Character Map Tool, you can copy the degree symbol and use it in your documents.

Go to Start > Programs >  Accessories > System Tools > Character Map.

Method 3

Following Method 2 for Degree Symbol in Word can also help you to add a Degree Symbol in Excel.

Method 4

Using the AutoCorrect to insert the degree symbol.

  1. Go to the Insert Menu..
  2. Click Symbol and then the Symbols tab.
  3. Select the Degree symbol.
  4. Click on AutoCorrect.
  5. Find the degree symbol in the With box.
  6. Type any word you want to get replaced or auto-corrected in the Replace box.
  7. Click Add, then Click on OK.

Degree Symbol in Excel on MAC

Method 1

  1. Use your keyboard.
  2. Click on OPTION + O.

Method 2

Using small “o” character as degree symbol.

  1. Type o.
  2. Select “o”, Right Click and Select Font.
  3. Check Superscript option.
  4. Click OK.

Method 3

  1. Hold ALT key.
  2. Type 248 from Numeric Keyboard only.
  3. Release ALT key.

Degree Symbol in HTML

You can use Unicode as well as HTML code to add a Degree Symbol in HTML. Follow these two easy methods :

1. Using Unicodes :

  • Unicode for Degree Symbol : U+00B0
  • Unicode for Celsius : U+2013
  • Unicode for Fahrenheit : U+2109

2. Using HTML Codes :

  • HTML Code of Degree Symbol : &#176 / &deg
  • HTML Code for Celsius : &#8451
  • HTML Code for Fahrenheit : &#8457

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