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Best Websites for Free Calls Online Without Registration

Free Calls Online Without Registration 

Phone calls are the important mode of communication. We can solve our day to day problem concerning our business and family through phone calls. There are such types of things which we cannot express by writing, in such a case phone calls proves to be very useful. It enables us to make contact quickly. Now there is a facility to make free calls without registration. Websites are available to make free calls online without registration. If our family member is living outside India, then we can make contact with him or her by the websites which avail the facility of free calls online without registration. Before dealing with the websites, we have to go through the basic requirements which we have to be fulfilled to use these sites.

Free Calls Online Without Registration
The first requirement is downloading and installation of Java. The second requirement is downloading and installation of Adobe Flash Player. All types of Ad Blockers are required to be disabled in the third requirement.

If we have fulfilled all the requirements which are mentioned above, then we do not face any problem for using these websites. We should be well known about the fact that these calls can be made online by third party website. These calls comprise 1 or 2-second lag, but it is not considered to be a drawback, as these calls are free.

Free Calls Online Without Registration

Now, we will discuss the websites which are making free calls online without registration in the following manner.

• Globfone

globfoneGlobfone provides the pioneering VoIP call service. For placing free calls to both mobile phones and landlines, we are not required to create an account. We do not have any tension of raising bill as the calls provided by Globfone are free. For making P2P video calls by it, webRTC enabled browser is required.

We can get connected to any phone in any corner of the world in an easy manner. This advanced calling system ensures the communication of the message without any disturbance. This website gives high priority to user’s satisfaction. For an IP address, the duration and number of calls are limited.

The next call is placed after the beginning of next 24 hours if the limit gets exceeded. The duration of the free phone call is 2 minutes. The service provided by this site is completely safe. The operator is not in power to keep telephone number or personal data. Even, we need not bother about expensive international call services. Using the website of globfone does not require the downloading of software. For everybody, it proves to be a fantastic solution.

• Call2Friends


The website which uses the latest technologies and is considered to be the modern telecommunication service is Call2Friends. The communication provided by this website is for high quality and free. It is not only meant for online contacts but also for the regular landline in various destinations.

A headphone, flash player and microphone are required to carry out the unique calling service. When we are roaming, then Call2Friends is helpful in saving money. The duration of the free call provided by this website is 3 minutes. 1 0r 2 calls per day can be made by this website.

Without downloading any software, we can make free calls. This instant call system is free from the requirement of username or password. First of all, we have to open the website of call2friends.com. After the opening of this site, it demands flash player settings.

We have to make the tick on Allow and after that, close button has to be clicked on. The mobile number is allowed to be dialed with international country code. The call button has to be hit after typing our complete mobile number. After hearing the bell ring, we can make the free call.

• IEvaphone


The service of IEvaphone concerning the making of calls is fully free, unobstructed and reliable. There is no need of bank transfer or credit card in this website. The facility of free calls which is provided by this website can be carried out to any destination. Each free phone call is carried out for 3 minutes.

It possesses good interface. 1 or 2 calls per day can be made by the user. Even, the landline calls can also be made from this site. We need not sign up for making the call. There is no need of extra software for making the calls. It is the location and line provider on which the duration of the free calls depends. For making the call, first of all, we have to open iEvaphone website.

After that, the country code is required to be dialed along with our calling number. After placing the call, we have to wait for connecting with the end user. After sign up for storing numbers in the online phone book, we have to use our own dashboard.

• Poptox


The website by which we can do free calls without registration is termed as Poptox. The call will connect by opening the site and dialing the number. If our contact person does not have internet, then in such a case we can make calls. For making the call, first of all, we have to open the website. After that, a mobile screen is appeared for dialing mobile number.

To the bottom of the mobile site, there is a mobile screen, and it lies on the right-hand side of the computer. After selecting the country (i.e. India), we have to dial the number.

Then, the call button has to be clicked on, and we are allowed to use the mic. Starting with +1 number our contact person will receive the call from unknown number. For maximum one minute, the call can be made and then we have to make another call. In a situation of low balance, we can make the call.

The call can be made in the absence of mobile that is through laptop or computer. To make the call by this site is useful when anyone by watching our number can pick our call. This site is helpful in befooling our contact persons for buying foreign numbers or asking them that we are outside India.

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