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7 Best Gadgets and Gizmos Online for your Smartphones

Gadgets and Gizmos

In this world where each and every one of us is accompanied by a smartphone, some of us might be looking to get more from it. But trust me, not everyone can be fit inside a small case so if you want your smartphone to do more and be slim at the same time .. you should probably start building a time machine. And for the people who are too lazy to build a time machine, we at Techonloop are here for you to list you down some of the most awesome gadgets invented to accompany your smartphones. Though, some of them might not be as useful as you like, but what we make sure is every one of them is cool AF.

Best Gadgets and Gizmos


We just can’t use our phone while driving a car or while doing some other work though sometimes inn cars we have the mobile holders. Suppose you are cooking food and you are referring to a recipe or sometimes times we have messy computer tables and we just find no place on the desk to keep our phone. In such cases the solution is the Nano hold.

1 gadgets and gizmos nano hold

It may look simple but each one of them have millions of microscopic suction cups. With Nano hold you can stick your device to any smooth flat surfaces like glass, wood, plastic, screen, metal, etc.


  1. QIUB

Everyone it when the phone is running out of battery. The most common solution to it is using the power bank which are big enough in size. They usually have the size as of our phone. Here we have the Qiub which has 3 features in it 1. Power bank 2. Memory Card Reader 3. Sink and quick charging cables.

2 gadgets and gizmos quib

So you don’t even need your usb flash drive anymore.

So while charging your phone you can use card reader and you can even connect your phone to the laptop or PC. Qiub can even charge itself while charging the phone. This device is light in weight and smaller than other power banks.

2 gadgets and gizmos



Like taking photos and selfies anyone would love to print them whenever possible! So let me introduce you to the mobile printer which prints mobile photos with the help of your smartphone. These mobile printers use Bluetooth connection. Mobile printers are the size of your mobile phone so you can carry it with you anywhere. They use rechargeable li-in batter. They are simple to use – just download the mobile app for a particular printer and use this app to print photos through your phone. One of the best printers available in the market is the Polaroid Zip. It prints on the zinc paper also known as zero ink. Therefore, mobile printers have made mobile printing much more easy and simpler.

3 gadgets and gizmos mobile printer



Imagine a world with dead batteries! We just charge our phone using cables but what if we would charge them without using these cables? What if the case of your phone would just charge your phone! In Nikola labs such types of case are being made which converts the frequencies exchanged by our phones into electrical energy and extend the battery life your phone so that you can use it for some more longer time but these type of cases have been launched only for iPhone 6 and Samsung Galaxy S6. These cases are for those who have average battery use by using these type of mobile back cover case they can use their phone for a whole day.

4 gadgets and gizmos nikola



Do you just want to stay away from your smartphone for some time and don’t want to carry it at places? Then let me introduce to you the light phone. It is slim, credit card sized phone that works with your existing phone. It enables simple contact without any rings, dings and pings.

5 the light phone gadgets and gizmos

This phone is simply amazing but just remember one thing, this phone is just for moving and not scrolling.

5 gadgets and gizmos



Many of us change our phones after every 2 years but even after these years the battery efficiency usually remains around 80%.  Many of us throw these batteries away which in turn increases the environmental stress. Instead of throwing them by using Battere, we can use these batteries for charging our phones.

6 gadgets and gizmos

You can use this as your power bank. The size of the battery does not matter. Bettere is a convenient device which makes optimal use of your battery. If you are finished using the battery inside the Bettere then simply replace it!



Everyone feel that there are some drawbacks in their phone or their phone is lagging. If it was possible to add extra features to our phone then it would be simply great. Nexpaq is the first modular smart phone case that allows you to customize, enhance and add new functions to your existing smart phone through the use of small squares called modules. You can just add extra features to your phone with the help of a case. This type of case is not available for all smart phones. It is currently available only for iPhone 6 and 6plus, Galaxy S5, S6, S6 Edge, Note 4, Note 4 Edge and One Plus One.

7 gadgets and gizmos

There are currently 12 modules available in Nexpaq case:

  1. Battery power.
  2.  Temperature & humidity.
  3. Amplified speaker.
  4. USB flash.
  5. Laser.
  6. Breathalyze.
  7. Super  led flash light.
  8. Hot keys.
  9. Backup.
  10. Air quality.
  11. Dummy.


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