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How to hack Wifi on Android : Tools and Methods

How to Hack Wifi on Android

Let’s all calm down for a minute. Hacking routers to find out their password is deemed as an illegal activity and god knows I don’t want to land myself in any trouble for teaching you’ll how to do something illegal. So what I’m about to do here is teach you how to “test” your wifi network using your Android. Nothing illegal here. Ahem. Just teaching you how to get into your router and figure out your password. Ahem Ahem. So again, repeat after me, there’s nothing illegal about what I’m teaching you here.  Damn I’m gonna need some cough drops.

How to Hack Wifi on Android

So here’s what you’ll need

  • A rooted Android device that has a Broadcom bcm4329 or a bcm4330 wireless chipset.

Notable devices include the Nexus 7, Samsung Galaxy S1 through S5, the Nexus One and the Micromax A67. Check if your device uses one of the aforementioned wireless chips before carrying on.

  • An active internet connection
  • Really. The process may take from 2 up to 7 hours. So it’s definitely not for the people looking for instant results. No app can hack a wifi network instantly. Don’t trust those that tell you they do.

Let’s get going.

how to hack wifi on android

For WEP encrypted routers

Here’s how to hack wifi on android with WEP encrypted routers:

Step 1: Download Bcmon

Bcmon is a tool the enables “monitoring” mode on your Broadcom chipset. So you’ll need the app before you get started. You can download the app for free from the bcmon page.

Step 2: Run Bcmon

So you downloaded the app? Now run it. Note that the app may crash the first time you try to run it. No worries, just run it again, and again, and…. Well you get the idea. If the app still crashes after several tries it’s mostly because your device isn’t supported.

Do remember that you need a rooted device to run bcmon.

Step 3: Set things up

Once in the app tap the “Enable Monitor Mode” check box. This will open up a terminal window. Here’s what you do next:

  • Key in “airodump –ng” without the qutoes. LJ Hit enter.
  • Now type “airodump –ng wlan 0” and hit enter again.


Step 4: Identify the Wifi Network

Find the router you want to conduct a “security check” on and note down its MAC address along with the channel it is broadcasting on. This is important. Don’t mess it up. This method is only for routers with WEP encryption if you want to work with a WPA2 encrypted network head below for instructions.


Step  5: Start the “Security Check”

As said before this process is pretty drawn out, as you’ll need to collect information from the browsers for several hours before you can actually find out what the password is. Key in “airodump-ng -c channel# –bssid MAC address -w output ath0” and hit enter. This prompts the app to start collecting data. Now you leave your device and forget about it for a couple of hours. Or at least until it collects about 20,000 to 30,000 packets of data.

  • Note that in the code above you have to replace “channel#” with the channel the wifi network is broadcasting on
  • Also replace the “MAC address” with the MAC address of the network.

Step 6: getting the Password

Once you have collected enough number of packets you can start to figure out what the password is by typing “aircrack-ng output*.caprcrack –ng” in the console.

Once the password is found you will see a message that says “Key found” on the console, followed by the key in hexadecimal form.


For WPA2 encrypted routers

Here’s How to hack wifi on Android for WPA2 encrypted routers :

Step 1: Download Bcmon

Bcmon is a tool the enables “monitoring” mode on your Broadcom chipset. So you’ll need the app before you get started. You can download the app for free from the bcmon page.

Step 2: Run Bcmon

As with WEP encrypted routers you’ll have to run Bcmon first.  Once in the app tap the “Enable Monitor Mode” check box.

Do remember that you need a rooted device to run bcmon.

Step 3: Download and install Reaver

Reaver is a free app that is essentially designed to crack WPA2 encrypted passphrases. What it actually does is use Brute force to try and find out the password of the network. Don’t know what Brute force is? Don’t sweat. Brute force (also known as brute force cracking) is a trial and error method used by application programs to decode encrypted data such as passwords or Data Encryption Standard keys, through exhaustive effort (using brute force) rather than employing intellectual strategies. Just as a criminal might break into, or “crack” a safe by trying many possible combinations, a brute force cracking application proceeds through all possible combinations of legal characters in sequence. Brute force is considered to be an infallible, although time-consuming, approach.

Another thing we must note is that cracking WPA2 encryption is much much difficult when compared to a simple WAP encryption, it’s not impossible, no, but pretty difficult, which is why you shouldn’t really put all your hopes into finding the password at your first attempt using Reaver.

Anyway, the Reaver APK can be downloaded from the developers’ thread on the XDA forums. It is a free download, but you can, as ever, be generous and show your support to the developers by making a small contribution.

Step 4: Launch Reaver

Next open up Reaver from your app drawer. After confirming that you are not using it for illegal purposes wink wink, Reaver will scan for available access points. Tap the access point you want to crack to continue.

  • You may need to verify Monitor Mode before proceeding. If this is the case, bcmon will open again.
  • The access point you select must accept WPS authentication. Not all routers support this.

Step 5: the Final Check

Before you start the attack just make sure your settings are all in order. It’s always a good thing to be precise isn’t it? So open up Reavers settings and “Automatic advanced Settings” check box is ticked.

Step 6: Breaking in

Tap the “Start attack” button at the bottom of the Reaver Settings menu. The monitor will open and you will see the results of the ongoing crack displayed.

  • Cracking WPS can take anywhere from 2-10+ hours to complete, and as said before, it is not always successful.

Concluding on How to hack Wifi on Android

These are some of the working methods on how to hack wifi on android but not to mention the apps and tools which promise to do the same. But we personally have noticed that they don’t perform well. Do let us know any tools or methods in the comments down below for honorary mentions!

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