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How to unfollow people quickly on your Android device | Instagram Tricks

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The original instagram application is a headache if you want to unfollow people in bulk. The app has an one click option to follow but opens a tab and asks for a click again if you intent to unfollow someone.





Well not a tension anymore, the InstaFollow application for Android allows you to unfollow people with a click itself, jut like you follow someone. There is no such way to unfollow people in bulk in one go until and unless some good people create a script for it. But InstaFollow can really increase the speed of your unfollowing!



Not only this InstaFollow is a complete manager for your Instagram account. Its shows complete stats of your instagarm account.


Its show you how many you blocked, how many followers you gained and even how many you lost! It show how many of your followers follows you, or not.


The engagement app is great to check all the third party activity on your instagram profile.


Download the App on PLAY STORE

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  1. Ow, no! Do not forget about limits of Instagram. If you will unfollow more than one hundred people at one hour then you will be blocked. So, I use zen-promo.com to do it, it does it more naturally.

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