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How I’ve made more than $1500 of Dead Facebook Pages

Have spare dead facebook pages? Here’s how I made more than $1500 in total and $200 last month. Many of you may have spare facebook pages which dead as f*ck and are almost worthless to you. Few years back Facebook cut down the reach of the pages in order to generate more revenue which is why you come across posts which have tag “sponsored”. The reason is clear, they want you to pay money in order to reach all or more of the people who have liked your Page. But you can always find a way.. like I did..

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Where did I get my Pages from?

I have 4 Facebook Pages generating revenue which have more than 150k, 83k, 19k and 7k likes, one of them being Believe it or not? – a fact page. Back in 2013, I and my friend Mohit Yadav started building pages by spamming comments on other pages’ posts – a brilliant working idea suggested by Chitransh Khanna who is also been making money of his pages. This method of commenting is dusted and no longer helps like it used to.

But we didn’t stop here, we started finding other ways..

How to grow your Facebook Page?

  1. Comment on other RELATED facebook pages with a comment or a photo relevant to the category. Posting a picture and posting it directly from your Facebook Page works the best.
  2. In 2014-15 many Facebook Groups were started to exchange likes, also called “Share 4 Share”. Because of the dead reach, this method was also killed by Facebook but it will work if an active page gives you a ShoutOut.
  3. Invest. Advertise on Facebook. Many people think its too costly but if done in the right way, your page may go viral in a day or two.
  4. Autolikers are shit. Most of the profiles used in autolikers are fake people. So there’s no point of having audience which is not going to follow your link.. and that brings us to how to monetize your dead facebook pages..

How to monetize the dead Facebook Pages?

1. Advertising – All you need to do is share links, in bulk.. so that even if 10 people open a link you posted, 24 links in a day will send atleast 240 clicks. There are various networks which have such a platform where the pay you money for sending traffic to their viral site. I have used many of them and here are some personal recommendations :

  1. Mylikes : Its a great platform, but you need to post links manually. The site is filled with NSFW content so it may destroy your ‘already dead’ facebook page.
  2. iLyke : A great network which I am using right now and have bagged more than $200 last month.

ilyke     3. Viral 9 : Its an Indian network created by the people at Wittyfeed.com. I have used it and has converted pretty well. The rates are pretty good, more than $7 for 1000 US clicks.


Posting links every hour or every 30 minutes is too irritating. So if you are in a position of making more than $50 or more you can use CSV option which is the best part of iLyke Network. Download a .csv file of all the links with automated time scheduling and upload it on networks like PostCron, Hootsuite, etc.

2. Affiliate Links : I have not done this but many people have successfully done this. For instance, if you have a page related to Bike and Cars, you can post affiliate links from Amazon, ClickBank, etc. of bike and car equipments.

My Current Recommendation

Facing many ups and downs over the years, making money online is not at all stable – well not when you are doing something like this. So if you are having those pages eating dust, use iLyke Network which I am using currently and is working great! They pay more than $10 for 1000 US clicks which is quite exceptional.

To autopost links, I recommend PostCron where you need to pay only $9.9 a month. You can grab a 10% Discount on PostCron here.



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