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Run Apple iOS Apps on Android – iOS Emulator

iOS Apps on Android

If you are on Android or.. Windows, but Apple’s iOS still attracts you.. don’t worry much, it happens. That might have strike a thought in you to go for an iPhone but may be you agree with these Top reasons why Apple’s iPhone sucks. iOS is one of the best operating system that a smartphone can ever have – no doubt, but the same doesn’t go for the iPhone. But then again, all hail the developers, especially the Android Developers who have this much freedom provided by the Android Open Software Development Kits to change the user experience to another level.

And that another level that we are going to talk here is, well ofcourse, experiencing the iOS interface on your Android device. It’s not one heck of a deal only because of those developers has made it easier for us to run iOS Apps on Android. This can be done in two ways :

  1. Running iOS Emulator on Android
  2. Downloading individual apps

1. Running iOS Apps on Android via iOS Emulator

iOS Emulator in an Android Application (APK) which you can download from here. This emulator will give you a rich experience of iOS on your Android Device. Just make sure you have an Android Version later than 2.3 and 1 GB Ram for the app to work properly. After you are done with these, you can just follow these obvious steps :

  • Download APK.
  • Install APK.
  • Run iOS Emulator.

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2. Downloading Individual Apps

You can also download individual apps corresponding to a proper function on your Android, for instance, having an iPhone Dialer instead of your default Dialer to make calls. Given below is the list of suck apps you can download and enrich your experience.

iOS Launcher

– Smooth scrolling
– Icons have rounded corners and gloss effects.
– Long touch icons to move them around and position them as you like.
– Dock-bar
– Easily uninstall apps from your home screen.
– Press the back button to exit edit mode.
– Press the back button again to move to the first page. (normal android applications are not allowed to process the Home key)
– Can change each application’s name and icon
– Spotlight search
– Folder
– Shortcuts

Download iLauncher

Notification Center – iOS Apps on Android

ios apps on android


– The information and alert showing on the Notification.
– Quick setting with Turn on/off wifi, mobile data, bluetooth, flash light, orientaion.
– Tomorrow event to remind you of what to do tomorrow.
– Notifications to show the notify you received.
– Set time 12h or 24h format.
– Show carrier, signal strength and wifi signal.
– Show batery percent, time date, carrier wave.
– Swipe down to open notification to check notify daily.
– Blur background, simple flat design.
– Show today and notifications info.
– Beautiful and smooth.
– Small size but powerful.
– Smart Control support setting wifi, mobile data, bluetooth.
– Smart Control support setting flash light, orientation.

Download iNoty

Control Center – iOS Apps on Android

ios apps on android

Major Feature
– Simple OS 9 flat design
– Support Toggle for Airplane Mode
– Support Toggle for Wi-FI
– Support Toggle for Silent mode
– Support Toggle for Data Connection
– Support Toggle for Portrait Orientation Lock
– Support Toggle for Screen Timeout
– Support Toggle for Vibration Mode
– Support Toggle for Bluetooth
– Support Toggle for GPS
– Support Toggle for Account and Sync
– Support Customize the Touchable Area
– Support Hide the Arrow Indicator
– Support Lock screen display
– Support Touch Vibration
– Support Different background color(grey and black)
– Support Customize the background transparency
– Support Rearrange the toggles
– Support Restore the default the toggles
– Support Customize the favorite app shortcuts
– Support Restore the default app shortcuts
– Support Music Control(Play/Pause/Next)
– Support Date display
– Support Adjust brightness
– Support Automatic brightness if the device supported
– Support Shortcut for Flashlight
– Support Shortcut for Clock
– Support Shortcut for Calculator
– Support Shortcut for Camera
– Support Shortcut for System settings
– Support Shortcut for Control Center settings
– Support Real-time Memory info display
– Support Real-time Battery info display
– Support Real-time Storage info display
– Support Real-time CPU info display in Pro version
– Long press the arrow indicator able to hide in status bar
– Support Samsung Galaxy S4(I9500), HTC One, Nexus 4, Nexus 7,Android 4.3 etc

Download Control Center

iOS Dialer – iOS Apps on Android

ios apps on android

1. Fast T9 Photo Dialpad.
2. Recents and Missed Calls logs.
3. Call blocker to block calls.
4. Hide Caller ID for your Privacy on incoming calls.
5. Slide to Show Private Number’s Caller ID.
6. Speed Dial to quick call and easy setup using # key long press.
7. Outgoing and Incoming interfaces with Full Screen Caller ID.
8. Keypad Touch sounds.
9. Add or Edit Contacts with simple interface.
10. Settings to Turn on/off features.
11. Dual SIM Management.

Download Dialer

KeyBoard – iOS Apps on Android

ios apps on android


– Flat white style keyboard UI.
– Custom keyboard font.
– Gesture slide input.
– Input Emoji in any apps, only first page of each type in free version.
– Support the suggestion of English/French/Italian/Spanish input.
– Support too much keyboard themes.

Download KeyBoard


Do check all these apps out and if you need some other feature added to the list do comment!


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