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How to start building SEO Backlinks – Beginner Guide

Hello Loopers, learn how to get backlinks, use backlink checker from this SEO Backlink Beginner Guide.

Now that you have started blogging, the very next thing you need is to make sure you get readers to watch what you have written. If there is no one to read your blog, your hard work and original content is almost of no use.

So as to get viewers on your site you need to make sure the search engines list your website in the front page when someone search for a query.

Try this : How to start a blog and write your first post

So what are backlinks?

Backlinks, also known as incoming links, i.e, your site link present on other websites. The more backlinks you have, more viewers your blog will receive. This is due to increase in page rank and site status as per the search engine algorithm by Google.

There are many ways to get backlinks but Google have killed many of them to stop spammers.

Ways to begin with Backlinking :

  1. Commenting on other blogs – Leave a nice comment appreciating the posts or start a discussion. But do it effectively. Don’t just post your link as it will be considered as a spam.
  2. Guest Posting – Writing blog posts on other blogs and mentioning your site link as an signature in the end. Many sites don’t allow this but you can find some blogs which gives you a backlink for a guest post.  ( You can get a backlink by submitting a post to my site )
  3. Forums – Write useful information in forums regarding your niche and leave a signature if the forum allows.

But wait, to stop spammers, Google started the use of “nofollow” tag.

Nofollow is an attribute that can be added to links to discourage Comment Spam. It is used with the rel=” ” attribute in a link. <a href=”http://example.com/article” rel=”nofollow“>Article Example</a>

So you can just go on commenting on others’ blogs and get backlinks. Most of them will add the “nofollow” tag and your backlink won’t count. So you need to find blogs which allow “dofollow” tag instead.

How to check nofollow/dofollow tag attatched to a link?

You go on the link and right click. Click on “inspect element”. If you find rel=”nofollow” attached to the link, that means it is not considered as an backlink.


So how to find dofollow blogs and website?

DROPMYLINK – A great site to find dofollow blogs and forums for commenting, guest posting.

Here’s how to use dropmylink :

  1. Register for free.
  2. Enter your keyword, select a platform and use the results to comment or post on other blogs.dml
  3. .edu and .gov are considered as quality backlinks. So try to comment on these sites.dml1
  4. You can find the sites other bloggers have used on backlinkwatch.com

Backlink Analyzing

Keep checking where have you reached and how many types of backlinks you have created. You can use sites like majestic.com.

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So use these tips to kick off link building. Once you will get some experience you will be able to do it just right and make lots of money.


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