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Important User Experience Guidelines which Websites should follow

User experience has become the most important thing for a website since the behavior patterns of the visitors have changed and refined in the last few years. Although user experience concepts are evolving always but still there are certain fundamentals and user experience guidelines which web designers have to follow to cope with the dynamism of the audience nature. Let us have a look at some important guidelines to ensure that your website does not lag behind.

user experience guidelines

Important user experience guidelines 

Guideline 1

Most of the user experience designs focus on pop ups and unsolicited windows and graphics. This is because it seems very tempting for website owners or designers and they forget the convenience of audience in lieu of higher generation of revenue. But most of the user experience guidelines research shows that windows and graphics which pop up are annoying because the original activity is hindered. This may provide a possibility of short term profits but the long term prospect of revenues is neglected by adding more pop ups.

Guideline 2

Another important one amongst the list of user experience guidelines is the website credibility. The credibility of website can be increased in a number of ways. Here are some useful ones which are tried and tested.

  • FAQ- Frequently asked Questions
  • Navigation which is logical
  • Citations and References in the content
  • Author credentials visibility
  • Professional design
  • Accessibility of previous content
  • Regular updates and more

Guideline 3

Simplicity is another important guideline for the designers because the website needs to be user centric. The workload on the user regarding the core actions of the website needs to be kept in minimal form. The websites have to made user centric and not just for forcing the users to do whatever required generating revenues for you.

Guideline 4

Certain activities in your website may require users to wait or they involve time-outs. The user needs to be informed about all such things as much as possible. This is important when we talk about user experience guidelines. The countdown timers need to be provided to the users if they are required to wait for something to come-up.

Guideline 5

The relevant information and significance of providing information in the correct format to the visitors should not be ignored when designing a website. This guideline can be implemented in a wide variety of ways like providing different measurement units and focusing on the point that whether the content needs to be printed or read online.

There are some other important user experience guidelines too which can help in improving the user experience of your websites. The guidelines shown in this article are one of the most important ones to follow for improving user experience of your website.

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