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How to setup and use Express VPN

express vpn fow mac

Express VPN is one of the best and the leading vpn services running on all your devices. Learn how to set it up on Windows and MAC and you are ready to go with your internet freedom.

How to set up and use ExpressVPN : 


ExpressVPN is probably the easiest VPN software to set up and use in the world. To get started, register an account on the ExpressVPN website.

express vpn for windows

Setting up ExpressVPN on Windows


Once you’ve registered an account with ExpressVPN, you’ll receive a welcome email. Click the link in the email to log into the website. From there, click on Setup My VPN Account on the Active Subscriptions page. Click through to the Windows section, then hit the DOWNLOAD NOW button to begin downloading the client.


This page also contains your activation code, so take care not to close it yet.


Once the app is finished downloading it, click the file to initiate the installation. A window will pop up to guide you through the process. Click Install to begin, then click “Yes” if Windows asks you to allow this program to make changes to your computer.


Now the setup wizard will start. Click Next to arrive at the step where you choose where to install ExpressVPN. Select a folder or just leave it at the default directory and click Next again. On the next page, click Install. The setup wizard will install the ExpressVPN client, after which you can click Finish and Close.


Now you’re ready to launch the app. Go to your Start menu and find the ExpressVPN launch icon, which should be listed as a recently installed program.


The first time the program runs, it will ask you for an authentication code. Go back to the browser window we left open before and copy/paste the code into the rectangular field on the app. Once entered, click OK. The app should indicate the activation was successful. Click OK again to get connected.


From now on whenever you open the ExpressVPN app on this device, it will launch into this screen. Click the big green Connect button to connect to the default server, or click “Select Another Location” to pick a different one. You can select any location on the list, and keep in mind that some countries have several servers to choose from in a collapsible menu. You can star your favorite servers to make them easier to find later.


Once you’ve selected a server and hit Connect, wait a few seconds while the connection takes place. When the VPN is ready to use, you’ll see the “Connected” message indicating you’re ready to start surfing the web.

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Setting up ExpressVPN on a Mac


Setting up ExpressVPN on a Mac is almost the same on Windows, so we won’t repeat it all here.


After you’ve downloaded the appropriate app for your OSX version, click the file. A window will appear notifying you if you want to run the installer. Click Continue. Keep clicking continue through the setup program until you finally click the Install button.


OSX will ask you to input your username and password–the same credentials you use to log into your Mac. Type them in and click Install to authorize the installation.


The next page will ask if you want to share anonymous information with ExpressVPN to help improve the service. ExpressVPN does not collect any personally-identifying information, but you can opt out of the sharing plan if you wish.


Hit continue one last time to complete the installation, then hit the Close button.


Find the launch icon for ExpressVPN in your dash and click it to start the app. From here, setup is identical to the Windows version, so scroll up if you need help figuring out what to do next.

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