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5 Must-Have Apps to Check Your PC For

What is there at your disk C? Some system data, newly downloaded apps and tons of temporary files. But what should be there instead? Professionals differ from regular users by one smart decision – keeping a must-have folder of apps for all of the life’s emergencies.

If you believe that will take all your free space – you are wrong, because there hardly can count more than five apps in a raw. If you ask professionals, they will share the next list:

  • Red Cleaner;
  • VPN;
  • Note Pad ++;
  • Firewall;
  • Acronis.


Each of these apps has remarkable functions that make it irreplaceable for any OS or hardware set. Let us take a closer look at them all.


To choose an ideal app for any PC, one should visit site and check what is available for their case. There we can see all the most popular and trustworthy applications.

If you have never faced VPN services in your work – you should know that these apps guarantee us to complete virtual privacy and freedom. All bans or restrictions stop working for those who use VPNs.


Red Cleaner

Who does cleaning at your home? 50% of people prefer hiring maids or housekeepers as they are pressed for time to do it with their own hands. That does not cost too much and is affordable almost for everyone.

But to clean a PC one should not hire anyone – just trust this job to Red Cleaner. This smart app will take your computer under control, checking free space, the app you do not use for long and icons that are no more of any need.

We achieve unlimited access to that content that was banned by local authorities. Together with it, all passwords and logins are double protected – we leave no virtual footprints and no one can track what we did online and which links we visited.


Note Pad ++


Unlike our regular Notepad – this one has extended abilities. In just a click we can turn it into a powerful tool that can help programming our computer, extending its functions and general options.

It is a so-called programming instrument for beginners, although it is widely used by professionals in order to fix any collapse quickly and effortlessly.


There hardly is anyone who does not know what this software actually is. Sometimes, when antivirus is not enough – we can hide behind this virtual protector – a firewall. Such apps do not let any harmful software cause any damage to our machines, protecting us from hackers and DDoS attacks.


This one is the leader of our list – an app that should be installed a moment after we switch on our PCs for the first time. This software was developed as the main data backup measure. Even if your PC collapses – you can easily restore all data in just one click.

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