Azimo Review: Transfer Money Online

Transferring money today has become quite an everyday task. Gone are the days where you’d have to mentally prepare yourself to go over to the BANK and wire over the money to someone you needed to wire the money over to. Gone are the long lines, the wait for the money to be actually transferred over to the recipient and of course the pain of having to deal with the stupid clerks and their attitudes.

Today, all you do is fire up your phone and throw the money away (quite literally in some cases) But when it comes to handling your precious $ whom can you actually trust? There is literally a thousand applications/portals/web service that let you transfer money on the go anytime, anywhere. But how many of these can you actually trust? Reports of fraud file in the day in day out so do you want to be naive and just put all your money in the wrong basket?

azimo review

Your answer to every single one of those questions should be no. Well, at least I hope it is. If not then God bless your soul. Now in the case that you do agree with everything said before we’re here with a service that is used and trusted by thousands worldwide. Azimo is by far and in every sense of the word one of the worlds leading money transfer app.  At the time of writing Azimo has more than a million users, all relying on the app to transfer funds.


Transfer money in whichever fashion that suits you

Azimo facilitates fund transfer over 6 different methods. Namely, Direct Bank Transfer, Cash Pickup, SWIFT, Home delivery, Mobile Topup and Mobile Wallets. This means that you don’t have to worry about not being able to wire over money because of not being on the right platform. With Azimo, every platform is the right platform.

Completely safe and easy to use

Azimo is FCA authorized and uses the same technology as major banks to keep your transaction safe and secure.

Not only that but it’s mad easy to use. The UI can be figured out by a 5-year-old and operated by even a seventy year old.  All you have to do is select the contact of the recipient and key in the amount. Voila.

Extremely low money transfer fee

We might even go ahead and call it the cheapest money transfer options available today. After your first free transaction. Yes, you read that correctly the first transaction is free of cost. Charges are as low as $1.25.

While other services charge hefty amounts to transfer money in the name of forex. Azimo makes money transfer easy on the wallet.

Transfer money instantly

Money transfer in some cases is sent and received instantly. This is the case for most of the transactions. Here’s a quote from the official website:

With Azimo, recipient can receive money instantly in some cases! Exact delivery times are always shown after choosing country and delivery method. Keep in mind that things like bank holidays or time differences can affect this. Compare that with the usual bank transfers of 3-5 working days. Plus, we always keep you notified of the entire process as it happens – no more waiting around and wondering where your money is.

azimo transfer money online

The Verdict

Azimo is a super efficient and easy to use service that lets you transfer money without having sat down and lost your head over it. The service is extremely safe to use being verified by VISA and MasterCard. And it’s not like they’re new to the game. No sir, Azimo have a customer base of more than a million and it’s growing every single day. If a million people trust the service who are we to tell you they’re wrong? The service, which has been around for quite a while has been winning hearts ever since day one. And it has done so here today.

Cashing in has never been so easy. The app, available on both Android and iOS is really well made and easy to use. The rates, the speed it’s all a win win situation.

And it’s a free to download use. What more could you need?

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