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Best Browser for Mac, Best Web Browser for Mac 2016

Best Browser for Mac

Web browsing has become most common in today’s life. Every day we use the web browsers to surf on the internet. May it be downloading something or searching for some stuff on the internet.  You may be using any operating system but you will always need web browsers. When it comes to mac there are numerous web browsers available which allows us to do a lot of things.


Best Browser for Mac

Here’s a list of some of the best web browsers that you can get for your mac.

  1. Safari


Engine: Webkit, Nitro

License: GNU LGPL

Website: www.apple.com/safari

Safari browser is default browser on the apple devices. It was released in 2003. It allows you very fast surfing and is undoubtedly the best browser for mac users. This browser saves your battery allowing you to use your mac book for a longer time without having the battery issue. It has built in tools for better web browsing. OS X, Safari is a cocoa application.


  • Encrypted media extension
  • Debugging use a web inspector
  • When a new link is opened in a new tab it possible to go back to the previous tab
  • It also provides private browsing
  • To save an image just press it for 3 seconds
  • HTML5 support
  • Safari reader which extracts data from a site and displays it in a nice readable form
  1. Opera


Engine: Blink, V8

License: Freeware

Website: www.opera.com/computer/mac

When your internet is slow opera proves to be the best one which will give you a turbo speed mode to have a smooth browsing. This browser is still preferred by many of the mobile users but it is also one of the best browser for mac users. Tabbed browsing, bookmarks bar are some of the built in features present in the opera browser. It also provides you with a mouse gestures in which user can browse functions with different combination of mouse movements.


  • Built in tabbed browsing
  • Speed dial
  • Popup blocking
  • Hotclic : It refers to double clicking a word and then opening it in the context menu instantly, which include instantly searching for the selected text, translation and dictionary service
  • It provides customization like skins, toolbars, user java script, widgets
  • Browsing history is saved until it is deleted manually
  • Page loading is showed in progress along with percentage, number of loaded and total elements
  1. Chrome


Engine: Blink(Webkit on iOS), V8

License: Freeware

Website: www.google.com/chrome

Chrome is the most popular web browser. Although while using chrome for browsing be aware of your battery percentage as it may consume a lot of battery. Even though it battery consumption issue it is one of the most preferred web browsers because of its features. In chrome you can open the tabs that you have closed by mistake. You can open many tabs in this browser without freezing time.


  • Memory used by different browsers can be seen
  • Quick launch bar is provided
  • It provides incognito browsing in which user can only visit a site and where history, form fields and cookies will not get saved in chrome
  • Provides process management utility in which the sites or plugins using most of the memory , downloading most of the bytes can be easily terminated
  • Malware protection
  1. Mozilla Firefox


Engine: Gecko, SipderMonkey, Webkit(iOS only)

License: MPL 2.0

Website: https://www.mozilla.org/en-US/firefox/new/

Mozilla Firefox was released on 23 September, 2002. Size of this browser in OS X is 79 MB. Mozilla Firefox browser very handy to use, it provides the user with many features.  It gives you protection from malware, you block annoying pop-ups. It provides you with a easy and quick restore option.


  • It provides tabbed browsing
  • Spellchecking
  • Live bookmarking
  • Cross platform support
  • Popup blocking
  • Position of toolbar and interface can be customized
  • Using keyboard shortcuts full page zoom can be obtained
  1. Maxthon


Engine: Trident and Webkit

License: Freeware

Website: www.maxthon.com

Maxthon gives better support for PDF and Flash and it has improved stability on mac. This browser is simple but convenient to use. It has syncing feature as present in chrome. It also supports features like cloud push, cloud share, cloud downloads and super drag and drop. It also has mouse gestures.


  • Tabbed document interface
  • Customizable tabs and user interface
  • Supports for custom skins
  • 8 default search engines
  • AD hunter that blocks adds
  • Integrated web services
  • External utility bar that allows you to open third party programs
  • Screen brightness can be controlled within the browser
  1. Omni


Engine:  Webkit

License: Proprietary, LGPL

Website: omnigroup.com/more

Omni browser is one of the best browser available for mac. It has many features in it which may not be present in other browsers. The major issue of this browser is that it consumes a lot of RAM and it may take a long time to start. This browser allows you to keep shortcuts to reach a particular web page or site easily.


  • User can have multiple workspaces for different web research topics
  • Shortcuts allows the user to just type a key word and open a particular site
  • Ad blocking
  • Preferences are specific according to the site
  • It has a view link button by clicking on this on can see all links contained in that page
  1. Torch


Engine: Freeware, Adware

License: Torch Media terms of service

Website: www.torchbrowser.com

Torch is a chromium based web browser. It has a built in Bit Torrent client. It allows the user to download torrent files. This, one of the best browser for mac, has a unique design. Sharing of videos, file, sites is easy through this browser.


  • Integrated download accelerator
  • Easy search and streaming of music and videos
  • Download Instagram and vine videos can be downloaded in one click
  • Look and feel of Facebook pages can be customized by using preset themes
  • Drag and drop provides easy sharing of links and photos
  • Provides a hundred of free games to play
  1. Camino


Engine: Gecko

License: MPL 1.1/GPL 2.0/LGPL 2.1

Website: caminobrowser.org/download/
Camino browser is only available for mac. It gives a smooth and best browsing experience. This browser has many features present in it. It is completely mac friendly so it can be called one of the  best browser for mac. User can block the pop ups that annoying in this browser.


  • Uses aqua user interface
  • Keychain(allows to save username and password in OS X) for password management and bonjour to scan bookmarks that are available across the local network
  • Ad blocker and integrated popup blocker
  • Tabs can be viewed all at once as pages
  • Phishing and malware protection



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