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Best Camera App for Android, Good HD Camera Apps

Best Camera App for Android

As we all know that how important it is to have a great camera these days. It’s as if people cannot survive without clicking a pic in every hour or so. Unlike the previous days, playing outdoor games hasn’t been quite joyous for the kids these days, they prefer clicking pictures of themselves as a better pastime, changing profile pic on Facebook, Whatsapp or any other such social media every once in a while is terribly common these days.

The mobile phones invented with a prime motive of being able to connect with others, no matter by how many miles people are separated with is definitely being accomplished now, but as if the invention of voice calling each other wasn’t just enough, we all started sharing our life through images, videos and so cameras became a necessity for us.

Smart phones having a better camera are highly preferred over the other aspects of it being “smart”. Having a great camera has become as important as oxygen for survival (bit exaggerating xD). And built-in cameras are just not good enough to satisfy our never ending expectations. So what to do.. is the question? Although there have been lots of apps that provide numerous filters, frames and a shitload of effects. But why to edit the clicked ones, when we can edit them at the time of (or before) clicking itself.

Best Camera App for Android

That being said, the list of applications you see below are nothing but the best camera app for android smart phones that enables each one of us to make ourselves far more beautiful than we actually are (haha). So let us see what is lying ahead of us.



CAMERA ZOOM FX is one of the most popular camera apps in the smart phone world. The app is widely used and is definitely one of the best camera apps for smart phones. We can easily set the app’s functionality to operate it as good as a DSLR camera. There are multiple features like multiple flashes, spy/incognito camera, selfie flash and many more that make this app a perfect camera. The app has a free version as well as a paid one in the Google play store. If you are searching for a good app, go through the links below and give them try.



  1. CANDY CAMERA:best-camera-app-for-android-2-candy-camera

CANDY CAMERA is another fabulous camera app that enhances your clicks. This app supports multiple features like selfie filters, collage, stickers etc. and is amongst the top ones. Candy camera’s interface is very simple but unique. This app is widely used and available at the GOOGLE PLAY STORE for free and click CANDY CAMERA that will redirect you to the play store. 

  1. RETRICAbest-camera-apps-for-android-3-retrica

Well RETRICA had to be in this list of best camera apps for android, the numbers of downloads for this app says it all. Smooth and simple, yet unique. The developers of retrica have kept their interface user friendly that makes it top notch. Though this app has all the features mentioned in the above ones but it still has got some chills. Retrica supports a variety of beautiful filters that makes your pics delightful.

Click RETRICA  for the link to the play store.

  1. CAMERA MX – Live Photo Appbest-camera-apps-for-android-4-camera-mx

The next great camera app in this list is CAMERA MX and as they have thoroughly mentioned, “Live Photo App”. Live Photos are indeed a great feature to cherish special moments of our lives. Apple’s iPhone has this feature built-in and so the developers of this app decided to make one for Android smart phones, and there we have one. Alongside the Live Photo’s feature, the app also has regular picture editing tools that are also quite superb which is a remarkable bonus. The app is available for free, hit this CAMERA MX for downloading one in your phone.

  1. CAMERA 360 – Photo Editor


CAMERA 360 is the final app in our list for best camera apps for android. This app is a treat for clicking photos as well as editing them. This app claims to be the #1 in the photo editing universe and definitely seems to be one. This app also has a LITE version in case you need one. Camera 360 supports numerous stylish filters is quite fast while clicking pics. Links for both regular and lite version are given below, choose accordingly.


Conclusion : Best Camera App for Android

We all needed something that would immensely enhance our photos and there you have it. Make sure to try the app that pleases you. Though the apps mentioned above are one of the best but there are a lot more like those out there. We’ve picked the best ones and will be glad if you’d like these too.

Leave suggestions below for the apps that you think are missing and we will look into those.

PS : This list of best camera app for android follow a random order and are not ranked by any means.

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