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Free Store APK Download for Android

Free Store APK

GOOGLE PLAY STORE is unquestionably the best App store for the Android apps out there. It dominates the smart phone universe and is a healthy competitor for the Apple’s app store. As of today Google Play Store has over 2 million apps with over 50 billion downloads.

But we all know that there are many applications that are not for everyone and are paid. If you need a quality, there is always a price for it and that’s what happening here. When we talk about accessing all the features of an application, the chances of them being paid are quite high. There are Games, Camera, Music players, Security, etc. apps that cost a fortune for them being downloaded. Games especially which provide high end graphics and are from the top developers seem to have a price associated with them.

But what if we don’t find an app on the play store, is it gonna be the end of the world (hell no :p). Well this situation is quite rare to happen but in case it does, you are at the right place.

At most there are these situations that might occur:

  1. The app you want to download is paid.
  2. The app doesn’t exist in the store (for your region).

The apps you see below are the best alternatives for the Google Play Store.




MOBOGENIE is a great alternative to the play store and is used worldwide. Mobogenie provides Android Applications that are best and genuine and also mobile device management apps for PC and all of this for free. Mobogenie has most of the apps that are unavailable at the play store. Even the apps are paid on the google play store might appear for free. With an interface and service as good as the play store mobogenie definitely is worth a try.



AMAZON we have never heard this name before have we? (XD)

Well yes, Amazon too has an Android Market which is also known as AMAZON UNDERGROUND and it’s quite superb actually. With a name as big as Amazon, there are very few chances that you won’t find you’re in there. There is hardly an app that isn’t available here. There are many apps that are paid in the google play store but are available for free in here. This app has a simple and user friendly GUI and is definitely the biggest competitor, best alternative for the google play store.

That’s it for this list, there are many other such apps like these mentioned below, make sure you try them too:

  • TweakBox




Now we’ve reached the business part of our post, this is why most of you guys started reading this one.

Each and every app that is available at the FREE STORE is free. All the content i.e. apps and games that is paid on the play store but is free on this app is said to be unmodified and original. If you have an Android Smart Phone you must definitely give this app a try. The applications are frequently updated just like any other app store.

Free Store Apk (FreeStore Android Market) is the ultimate one, there isn’t any other better way for downloading the paid apps, there are a few more stores like this one, they are mentioned below, you may check them out as well.




So, that wraps up this one. Even though Google Play Store is great there always needs to be an alternative and we sort of did it. There are lot more Android Store Apps like the ones that are mentioned above but we chose the most popular and trusted ones. Make sure you check all of the apps that are mentioned above.

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