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Show Whatsapp status online always without using it

Whatsapp Status Online Forever Mod

WhatsApp was launched in the year 2007 in Nokia phones and other mobile phones. Till the date WhatsApp messenger is been one of the best Android application in which you can easily send messages to your WhatsApp friends and became one of the best application. The last seen features and other good features were available.But you cannot be simply online forever on WhatsApp; this feature was never introduced on WhatsApp and will never be, so I am going to tell you about how to Make Whatsapp Status Online forever on Android using a simple trick.

WhatsApp is having many features and many peoples are modding WhatsApp application and in which you can install dual WhatsApp in your device than many features such as customizing your WhatsApp application which is really easy.Moreover, There are Many Posts Related to Whatsapp in Internet Like – Whatsapp Status, Whatsapp DP, Etc.


Well, Our Today article is How to Make Whatsapp Status Always Online? It’s Simple and It can be done using Whatsapp Alternative Application named GBWhatsApp. You might have heard the name of this application just because it’s famous and nowadays many peoples are using it. There are hundreds of features available in this application but many peoples don’t know about it.

Make Whatsapp Status Online Forever

As we have already introduced the name of the application from which we can do this Simple Tweak but GBWhatsApp is having many features such as hiding last seen and hiding typing message and the other best feature which is been introduced in newly GBWhatsApp is that you can stay online on WhatsApp forever. There are some terms and conditions which you need to follow if you are going to Make Whatsapp Status online forever and that is you need to keep your data on while using WhatsApp or not using it.

This will consume your battery and your data too. Don’t panic just because it does not consume a lot of data. The thing is just it will consume a lot of battery. Which is fine if you want to show off your friends or something.This application works even if your device lights are off what you need is a working internet connection to stay online on WhatsApp. This is the third party applications so people think that there might be issues of getting banned.

I personally tried this application from last 3 months and it is working absolutely fine without any issues. I will suggest you to give a try to this application. There are bundles of settings which you can try it on your device.


  • GBWhatsApp application: Download
  • Working internet connection
  • Android Phone.
  • Android 4.0+ (Ice cream sandwich)

Yeah! There are not many requirements required to do this simple Whatsapp tweak to Make Whatsapp status online forever.That’s means you can easily do this in any android device Just make sure your android device version must be 4.0+ (Ice cream sandwich).

How to Be Always Online On WhatsApp

  • Firstly you need to delete your original WhatsApp application and then install GBWhatsApp
  • Then You have to Install GBWhatsApp and Maybe you might get installation blocked warning.
  • Just you have to go to settings and turn on the option of an Unknown source.That’s itwhatsapp-status-online-forever
  • Now, install the application once again and after installation complete open the new Whatsapp application.
  • Enter your number and name and all information.
  • Now, after initialization open GBWhatsApp settings by clicking on 3 dots in right or clicking the menu button.
  • Now, Go to GB Settings and swipe down to other mods.whatsapp-status-online-always
  • Now, there you will see an option of Always online.
  • Check that and now restart the application and the changes will take place.download-gbwhatsapp
  • Now, you will be online forever on WhatsApp till the time your packet data is turned on.

Wrapping it up

This way you can easily stay online on WhatsApp forever with the help of GBWhatsApp. Moreover, Sometimes GBWhatsapp Required Root Access. If it demands then simply root your phone or try to reinstall your application once again. I hope you love this article and thank you for visiting and keep visiting for more tips and tricks like this and I will meet you in the next one. Share this article with your friends and show off this trick.


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