BillerX Review: Quick Pay Shopping and Wallet

Let’s just all admit it.
Shopping for groceries can be a huge pain in the ass. Even without all the lines, it’s still a mammoth task, and then once you add the aforementioned lines the experience just becomes, unpleasant, to put it kindly. It’s because of this that online grocery merchants business’s have recently started to boom. People have better things to do in life other than running around and waiting in lines for groceries. That’s where the app we’re reviewing today comes into the picture.
BillerX is a relatively new app on the PlayStore with an interesting little concept.

BillerX - Shopping and Wallet- screenshot

What’s the concept you ask?

Well, know the annoying lines we were previously talking about? BillerX gets rid of them completely. How do you ask?

Well, the motto of BillerX is Shop Scan Pay and well, that’s exactly what this little app implements.

You walk into a store, pick up all you need, and here comes the catch, instead of standing in line to get your cart scanned you simply fire up BillerX and scan away!BillerX - Shopping and Wallet- screenshot

Yes, you read that right YOU the customer scan your own groceries and then pay for them online. Just this instead of waiting for the long line to end so that you can get your products scanned by the cashier. BillerX implements the idea pretty brilliantly and makes waiting in lines a thing of the past.This also comes up pretty handy by saving you the embarrassment of having to face anyone when you’re buying certain dicey (I’m talking about Nutella ripoff’s like this one, don’t know what you’re thinking about)

BillerX comes with a wallet feature where you can load up money for quicker checkouts (even quicker than BillerX has already made them! Yep that’s possible, apparently) and you also get amazing discounts and promo codes from time to time, so keep your eyes peeled for those!BillerX - Shopping and Wallet- screenshot

The Verdict

The concept here is something unheard of. BillerX comes into the market with something new and delivers everything that’s promised.

Quick heads up not a lot of shopping centers are on the roster right now, but the team behind BillerX are expanding their horizons as we speak!

You can download the app HERE!


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