MacX Video Converter Pro: Convert and Download YouTube Video on Mac at Fastest Speed

Hey there, all mac-geeks! You might as well have tried a dozen times to get your hands on numerous video assessment tools and one thing we can all agree upon after our exploration is that MacX Video Converter Pro is certainly irreplaceable. The range of features offered by this software is all we need for our visual needs.

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MacX Video Converter Pro Giveaway

  On this Christmas, Digiatry is offering a free giveaway of MacX Video Converter Pro. Yes, you heard it right; right here is your saving of 60 bucks! Just follow the following steps:

  1. Visit the following link –


  1. Register for receiving free license copy by submitting your name and a valid e-mail id.
  2. As soon as you hit the submit button, your browser will give you a pop for downloading MacX Converter Pro.
  3. Even if your browser doesn’t follow the auto download suite, visit your email account.
  4. If you are among the first 10k claimers, you shall see a mail from Digiatry media.
  5. The email contains a link for downloading the software. This is the link you need to click if your browser hasn’t auto downloaded the software previously while registering. (Do not bother to visit this link if you have already downloaded the zip file).
  6. The email also contains a license key. Note this key.
  7. Perform installation and register the software with the available key.

Note: Although the giveaway is absolutely free, you need to register before September 15th, 2017. Also, Digiatry will not provide any future upgrades for free.

 Whether you have already used it or not, MacX Converter is something you should really try and will not regret of falling into. You can even gift it to your friends or family; a gift useful to them and free of cost to you 😉


max video converter pro giveaway

  Let us look at some features of MacX Video Converter Pro to get a brief idea of its utility as some of us might not be familiar with it:

  • Conversion: Video conversion is often a task that Mac users need to perform to cast videos from mobile phones to TV sets or projectors and different software process different specific formats. Thus, we need to convert formats time to time to satisfy our visual needs. As the name indicates, MacX Converter is used for video conversion exclusively. The technical team claims that it optimizes the chipset usage of Mac devices for conversion of video with greater algorithmic accuracy and faster speed. MacBooks feature Intel chipsets of 3rd, 5th and 7th generation predominantly and while the conversion task is initialized core CPU power is dedicated exclusively to video conversion task. Technicalities aside, in simple words MacX Pro is lightning fast when it comes to video conversion.


  • Downloading: Everyone has they’re favorite sorted on Vevo, Youtube, and Vimeo etc. There are some uploads that we get addicted to, some are long tutorials while some are long stand-ups that we occasionally stumble across. There is obviously a need to download these videos to access them whenever and wherever we want. MacX is awesome at this task too. You can select the exact format that you desire to download the video in and MacX does the rest. It’s an awesome feature integration.


  • Editing and post processing: If you’re into youtube content generation or graphics design and video editing, MacX provides some usage in that domain too. You can cut, concatenate, compress numerous video formats in MacX. It is very useful in post processing of a video. You can generate quality content by utilizing MacX according to your needs whether it be generating videos or editing audio visual effects or converting the same video across different formats.


  MacX Video Converter Pro is hence an awesome utility software with the integration of various function into a single package. It eliminates the need of keeping different separate software tools to download, convert, cut, edit and generate videos. All these exclusive features are available just a click away. If you still have doubts about whether to not opt for MacX, you can watch the video available at the link given in above description. The video demonstrates features and usage of MacX Video Converter Pro.

  Also, there are other exclusive offers including discounts on lifetime subscriptions, pro versions of other Digiatry media tools and much more. Check them along with your way. So, what are you waiting for? Go and grab your free gift right now!

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