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Using Cell Phone Tracking App for Monitoring Workers

Cell phone tracking app to monitor workers

If someone tells you that the most exciting and interesting profession is a guide to non-touristic routes of France or Spain, don’t believe them. The most interesting job is a security consultant in large companies. That’s the very place where real passion bursts out as this person has to identify and catch dangerous criminals that pretend to be respectable office workers. A single expert can save entire enterprise and industry. In this article, we will tell you what tools these experts use to monitor the activity of office workers.

A real case of monitoring the staff

It all started early in the morning. The chef of the company felt that information about new projects and plans of the company merges somewhere by someone from the staff. He didn’t tell us how he did it. Maybe from the fact that all new developments were used by other companies with surprising regularity, and it already didn’t look like a coincidence. Whatever it was, there was an important task for the security team to conduct monitoring and find the traitor.
None of the workers could just draw a plan on a phone and give it to the competitor. That’s why the security team decided to use cell phone tracking app for monitoring the activity on each computer, telephone or any other gadget in the office. The top manager of the company knows every person’s name and he was present at every interview when hiring a new person. Their relationships were built on trust. But something went wrong. It was time to organize a secret operation so no one could ever guess that they are spied on.

The process of monitoring

When too many secret projects leaked, the process of monitoring started. What did the team monitor? They decided to create a new fake project and give information about it to every single worker. This project was hidden in several files, so the security guys could easily track them.
The emphasis was placed precisely on the files, but a good result came from tracking the correspondence. In Skype, one of the engineers chatted with the employee of a competitor. And it was a personal account of the latter. They were chatting about personal things like beer, bowling and so on. However, the security guys identified the coded messages.
Catching this engineer while communicating with wrong people outside the office was a matter of time and talent. His computer was monitored 24 hours a day, and it gave a great result. An unknown USB flash drive was inserted, and the engineer copied the files of the project onto it.

The end of the story

That engineer was fired and the company has become a market leader. It is a great example of how tracking software saved the future of a big company. Still hesitating whether to use such apps or not? Read this article again!

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