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Contentmart Review: Best Content Marketplace

If you’re a blog owner you know the pain of getting quality content for your website. Sitting down in front of your computer and typing out something perfect that’s tailor made for you is one thing, but as your blog grows and you have lesser time on your hands, it becomes increasingly difficult for you to get articles that are up to your standard. And looking for a platform to find the perfect writer for you has increasingly become difficult with more and more websites opening up, each having lesser credibility than the last one.

Contentmart Review

contentmart review

In such a time Contentmart proves to be the mecca for content writers and customers alike. A website purely focused on content writing ( hence the name) Contentmart has with time become one of the few credible websites out there that actually deliver.



Access to thousands of qualified copywriters

There are currently 74508+ registered writers on Contentmart. So how can you be sure that your job is going to the right person? Well, Contentmart makes new users take a language test right after they’ve opened an account, offering credibility to you as a business owner. Also, the sheer number pretty much guarantees the fact that your needs will not go unanswered, there are 74000 people out there for the love of God. Surely, one will match up to your expectations?

No charges. Pay your writers directly.

Sure, Contenmart acts as a platform for business owners to connect with content writers, but unlike other websites that offer similar services, Contentmart doesn’t charge anything for being the middleman. Websites like Freelancer have been infamous for charging both parties sizable sums for providing a platform, Contentmart simply connects writers to people who require their services and expects nothing in return.

Check writer reviews, portfolios and past experience

You don’t need to run extensive background checks on writers before you hire them because Contentmart does that for you. You can go through reviews on the writer’s profile left behind from previous jobs, look at their portfolios and see if they have any previous experience in the field beforehand.

100% refund if the content doesn’t match your requirements

Like every other website, Contentmart requires you to make the full payment in advance so that the writer can go ahead without having to worry about being mugged off and work on your project without any worries. But unlike other websites, Contentmart offers a FULL REFUND if you are not satisfied by the services provided.  Yes, you read that right, you get every single penny back.

Automated payments

Having worked as a content writer myself I know the pain of busting your ass behind an article only to find out that you’ve been conned( happens to everyone right? NO? Just me? Alright.) It’s definitely not a place a writer wants to find himself in. On Contentmart payments are automatically forwarded as soon as you finish the job. No hassle.

Built-in checks for uniqueness

Contentmart has built in features that check the article submitted for forgery of any kind. Forgery maybe a strong word but you get the gist, right? They make sure that the content you’re getting is 100% original. And that’s a solid selling point for me.

Fixed deadlines

Unlike the flexible options provided on other websites, Contentmart has fixed deadlines, within which a writer HAS to deliver. Partnership with companies

Not only does Contentmart provide their services for small business owners but they also have long term partnerships with some of the biggest brands in the world such as UNICEF, The Economic Times,  AVIVA and practo so again, providing you with furthermore reasons to trust the web site.


contentmart pricing

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The Verdict

Contentmart provides a safe and easy to use service with guaranteed benefits for both the content writers and the clients. With a number of websites out there in need of quality content, Contentmart instantly catches the eye with the aforementioned features.
A place where trust meets quality.

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