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Top reasons why Apple’s iPhone sucks

September 7, 2016.. iPhone 7 came out. Check out if iPhone 7 Sucks or it doesn’t!

In March 2016, Apple announced its big quarter earning estimated over $75 billion which proved that iPhone was still fooling people like no other phone after the company lost it track after Steve Jobs. This article has those few reasons why Apple’s iPhone Sucks; enough to make you agree – that it does suck.

iphone sucks



Before we start, let’s catch up with some facts and stuff I found on the internet. Please don’t get offended, it’s just to add a comic element to this article. Though I have a lot to say to hurt Apple Fan Boys.

Did you know the average IQ of an iPhone user is 119? 

There were times when iPhone used to be the best in the market. I personally still believe that iOS is the best operating system a Smartphone can ever have! Earlier, with every phone, they released they had a point. But the new iPhones are pointless ( and now jack-less 😛 ). The almost same old UI and not much has changed on the phone since then. If you are an Apple fan, we do not intend to hurt you, but this post may contain some offensive text. Of course, the iPhone 6 had new body design, better processing, and better display but the phone still didn’t leave a mark. Well, let’s see why you should not buy an iPhone.

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iphone sucks

Why iPhone Sucks

  1. iPhones are ridiculously overpriced. It might not be worth of your money if you are looking to buy an all-in-one phone. Did you know that Apple eats up more than 40% profit on each iPhone they sell which is far more than what Microsoft and other devices do? Smartphone Companies from countries like Taiwan, Japan, China, etc. have already produced phones which can perform same -or say more functions than an iPhone at a lower price. Though I agree they have also copied the iPhone, at least some of it.
  2. It has a nonremovable battery which is a big minus point ( which of course some other smartphones have too ).
  3. And I never met a person without a broken iPhone Screen. ( You might have, there are more than 7 billion people GODDAMNIT! )
  4. iPhones battery life was, is and might always be its huge problem. It drains super quick when you use it intensively. iPhone 7 promises to run a few hours more than the iPhone 6. ( GOOD FOR YOU FANBOYS )
  5. iPhone’s Bluetooth problem is well known by all. Thanks to Xender and ShareIt for providing the breakthrough.
  6. No universal charger. Every time you forget a charger, you need to look for an iPhone guy nearby.
  7. It won’t let you download paid apps for free as such you can do in Android using android markets like Get apk download to download paid apps for free.

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iphone sucks


What Apple thinks of iPhone 6S

Apple says “the only thing that has changed is everything”. Well I would completely disagree.

The moment you use iPhone 6s, you know you’ve never felt anything like it. With just a single press, 3D Touch lets you do more than ever before. Live Photos bring your memories to life in a powerfully vivid way. And that’s just the beginning. Take a deeper look at iPhone 6s, and you’ll find innovation on every level.

Really? Innovation? Or just following what is going on the smartphone industry, adding it all to your phone a year later and calling it yours?

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The iPhone’s 3D touch got a tremendous response even before the phone came out in the market. It’s very innovative and helpful, but you tell me, is it too much to brag about? The 3D touch is not something you would be looking forward if you want to upgrade to a new iPhone.

A9. The most advanced chip
ever in a smartphone?

The chip is almost same as the old iPhone. And you would still like to throw dollars on it?

iphone sucks

Why iPhone 6S Sucks

  1. The iPhone 6 has the same old camera. The modifications are not remarkable and especially when Tim Cook says its the best camera ever, it contradicts. The old camera was also capable of shooting videos at 4K. Then why would someone go for iPhone 6S if you already have an iPhone 6?
  2. The new iPhone processor fails to charm us, yet again. We all know that iPhones are faster and we don’t need a statement like “2x faster processing” every time you release it. The speed difference is not much notable. Same old processor with some mods, dollars in for Apple.
  3. The screen size of iPhone 6 and 6s are same. LCD with 750 x 1334 pixels (~326 PPI pixel density) which are better than HD but fails to reach the quality of 1080p Full HD display.  Many Android Phones far cheaper than an iPhone have 400 PPI / 500 PPI display having very sharp and clear displays. Retina displays are quite cool, but they cannot be compared to the super dense Android screens.
  4. The battery is not even 2000 mAh. When it comes to a phone like iPhone expected to do intensive work, you certainly need a battery to keep it running. But iPhone 6 and 6s has absolutely no difference. In fact the older iPhone has almost same battery life of iPhone 6. Still want to upgrade?
  5. iPhone 6S is so costly, there are so many other tech gadgets you can buy instead of it, which will include a cool smartphone. Why would you pay a whopping price for absolutely no good reason?

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Some other reasons why iPhone Sucks

  1. If you are a web developer, it’s really costly to get your app on app store. This price is higher than any other store.
  2. Your favorites sites might not be compatible with the inbuilt web browser Safari. Many video players fail to run on it. So you need Google Chrome, which is well, pre-installed in an Android Phone.
  3. If you appreciate inventions, you have to admit that Apple has failed to invent a new iPhone. They are just going with the flow. Bigger screens, multi-tasking, etc. have been some of the features from which the other smartphones have gained success.
  4. Unlike Android, It won’t let you download apps paid apps, videos from youtube and more but, not an issue as there are several apps which can help you to download youtube videos using snaptube apk, but – this will for sure consume good space on your device.

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Here’s why iPhone may not Suck

Hi, Fan Boys. You can show off. iPhones are for the buzz. You take it out in front of people and consider yourself out of this world. If you think this is a valid reason, go ahead – buy an iPhone and sell a kidney (just kidding :p ).  Your screen will get bigger and bigger. Well, that’s what we see if we notice the latest pattern.


I have received a lot of support on this post. Thanks! But also a little hate from some people which is very much acceptable. I just want to clean out that I am not an Android Fan Boy, this just happens to be a post meant to criticize.

I’d be very honest. I love Apple’s iOS, the fact that it doesn’t hang, its body, its quality, and professionalism. Take a chill pill fanboys, Android sucks too. 😛 I will get back writing on it as I have a lot of content for it from the hate comments down below! 😀

Alternatives for iPhone

Here are few categories we have sorted down other devices than iPhones for you to buy at a very lower or worth cost than an iPhone.

  1. Check out best phones of 2016 at the maximum price of 15000.
  2. Check out top smartphones having 3GB Ram for excellent multitasking.
  3. Check out phones having Quad HD display at best prices.




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      • It’s funny when isheep on youtube say the galaxy s7 is laggy because of touchwiz. That or ios only needs 1 gig of ram. They think it is such a better phone than android because of that. I never had lag in my s4 or note 4 but that’s all I ever heard from the isheep crowd.

        The Galaxy s7 is waterproof
        has the best screen of any phone on the planet at this time
        can add a 200gb sdcard for 80 bucks
        customize the way you want it
        awesome widgets on home screens
        android based on the Linux kernel
        just plain more and better of everything for about the same price as an iphone

  1. this is so damn right… iPhones r so shity.. but still are so overpriced…
    it wouldn’t have been that way if it wasn’t always advertised as the best phone….
    empty your pockets and all you get is a phone that is overrated but nothing to prove its worth

    • Lol I bought a iPhone 6s in October of 2016 and when my son was playing Pokemon go outside the phone fell from 3 feet and the whole damn thing cracked. I took it to Apple only to find that it cost 350 to fix. I bought a Samsung s7 edge and have had no problems since. I took a hammer and smashed the shit out of the iPhone and took it to Apple for a return and they said ” did you try turning it on”

  2. I totally agree! I’ve been a true blue apple customer and by now have caught on with their scam. Each time a phone is released another one is released with a slight improvement. It’s like the Bounty paper towel commercial, “better than our last”… I have a problem with that; particularly when I been trucked to believe I own the latest and most improved iPhone. One I can’t software update improve, feeling scammed and left out.

  3. I recently bought an iPhone SE and realised what millions of people from around the world suffer from… Thats acute placebo effect. Ohh God! Hardware is good..but the overall user experience i had was no where similar to an android. Sorry Apple…i am nt impressed completely! 🙁

  4. Totally disagree with the reasons in this blog. I don’t need new innovations every year. It’s just immature to continuously expect new gadgets that serve no real purpose expect to occupy your interest. For me a smart phone is tool, not a toy.

    The reason iPhone sucks is because it is so restricted and controlled. Since the latest major iOS upgrade, Apple now control your Apps and Music back-ups. No local storage allowed. They can pull apps anytime they like. They control everything. This is what you all should be reacting to.

  5. iPhones suck in many many ways but it is 2016… you are not bound to at&t.

    Facts trump rhetoric.

    Do you have facts on screen break rates? What do other companies offer as after market protection plans?

    Love my galaxy. Lots of ways it is better than an iPhone. Still considering an iPhone for other reasons.

  6. So … please recommend a smartphone with longer battery life, better camera, unbreakable screen, removable battery, higher-density screen, more reliable Bluetooth, and lower cost.

  7. I agree iPhones do suck battery runs out quicker and if u drop it or get water damage apple will charge a lot of money u should look at the iPhone 7 that’s coming out it looks the same as the 6 they just took the design line off the back and put a cover over the camera u know what mean I rather stick to androids smartphones

  8. dear iphone haters,az u guyz say samsung iz better….wl jst say 1 thing,buy an new s7 n compare wit i6 fr its camera clarity….nt in phone but jst han luk in ua lap/pc…u wl gt ua ans……..n abt ua que on ram n all…use it 1s..u wl com to knw…it has nly 1gb ram bt wrks lyk 3gb spcly compared to samsung….

    n if u waana compare ua the ultimate s7..i wl jst prefr u an sony xperia ray….jst c the diff…n aftr tat hav an convo wit me ova here….

  9. Another reasons why the iphone sucks is itunes. I love my iphone 4s but I just tried to copy some music onto it from my windows pc and itunes no longer recognises the phone. So windows can talk to my phone but itunes can’t. There’s no excuse for this. Itunes on windows is crap, It’s apples software and it doesn’t work well even when it does recognise the phone. It’s not microsoft’s fault it’s apples. When I replace my phone I wont stay with apple,

  10. Another Big Problem with the iphone is their stupid charger and lightning cable . Man i’m sick of it , having to replace then every month . No matter how durable or good cable you use after one or two months this shitty device wont recognize it and wouldn’t even charge . Then you will have to plug unplug , place it in a position when it charges , and really thats a hustle every day now . Its so frustrating to see such thing in such an expensive phone . ” Hate Apple ” no additinal storage , no bluetooth connecting with other phones , stupid itunes .
    It just makes everything so complex and tought to do .

  11. Your “points” are hilarious. Locked to ATT? Really? I guess you can just make up anything and continue to fap to your exploding Samsung Galaxy Note.
    So you don’t consider 3D Touch innovation – so please enlighten me as to the new innovation the droid phones have come up with this year. More RAM? Lol. People enjoy iPhones for stability and an excellent UI. I enjoy getting my OS updates immediately.
    It’s funny, I always see android fanboys bashing iPhones but never vice versa. Now why is that? Inferiority complex?

    • No new innovations for Android?… Its funny, I was just looking at Amazon questions and reviews for a Samsung wireless charger base and I noticed that an awful lot of IPhone folks were asking if that amazingly convenient piece of hardware is compatible with their “cutting edge” apple devices. Unfortunately for them the IPhone is just too awesome I guess to include the types of features that might make the lives of their loyal drones any easier. I would wager based on the amount of comments here from IPhone users who agree with this post that the reason you don’t see IPhoners bashing Android is because they are busy complaining about how inadequate and frustrating their own devices are. Speaking of inferiority complexes- Its pretty apparent that aside from appealing to chicks who just want pretty little phone cases, IPhones are for dudes who are trying to compensate for something else but are too afraid of heights to drive a Hummer. Unfortunately for you, whipping the latest IShart out of the back pocket of your skinny jeans no longer says “That’s right, I’m on the cutting edge of technology” as much as it says “Hey look what I can afford… and hold that thought while I take today’s 100th selfie, damn I broke a nail!” Its fine, you drank the koolaid and there you sit staring at a screen with inferior resolution. Hope you’re enjoying that. You’re not to blame though, I mean what rational adult would prefer to think for his or herself and choose a mobile device based on compatibility and function when you could just buy the thing that Kim Kardashian has (she probably does… I don’t really know.) Anyway, gotta go! I’m going to go quickly and easily transfer some files from the EXTERNAL STORAGE on my Android to my computer while listening to my BLUETOOTH headphones and CUSOMIZING MY UI. But Siri tells jokes, so you win.

    • Pathetic display,small screen, connecting to pc via usb is complicated and does not work, bluetooth and sharing issues, pathetic and costly chargers and earphones, poor battery,single sim slot,no expandable storage,lack of features,lack of apps,no apps outside store,so many restrictions. Oh your camera id good? Iphone’s photos looked like a complete crap compared to honor 6x, redmi note 4 clicks better as well. Oh, and we have a lag and heat free smooth experience as well, and great cameras unlike iphone and batteries which can run for 2 days, universal charger,low priced great earphones,large screen, stunning display,good UI,tons of apps,tons of features,and above all freedom, just for Rs 10-15k. With the rest of the money we can buy 40 inch tv

  12. The iOS 10 was just updated .Every six months is another one and every one of the updates has new problems…. they’re a nauseating company. If it’s not one thing it’s something else. It never end with this slimeball company! I have a 6s and it’s the last iPhone I buy!

  13. I can’t agree with you more! I like LG mobiles and i’m a fan of them. I like HTC too. IPhone has some other problems too, for example we need apps to connect them with Windows PCs and we can’t put any sd cards in them. We can’t even download files from Google or any unknown sources.

  14. Accidentally turned on Siri while I was telling my husband what a piece of you know what my phone was turning into. Siri started responding in a very rude manner. I asked the rep at Verizon where I got the phone if it was automated response and if so why so rude and they said yes auto response and that Apple deliberately programmed it to be rude because they thought it was funny.

  15. Other minus points (*I am currently using an iPhone 7)…
    1. Buggy AppStore – Cannot connect to AppStore errors are common
    2. No shortcut for settings on control centre
    3. Highly scratch sensitive body

    Will post more once I come across.

  16. You know my wife wanted a iPhone this year as her note 4 was having some battery issues and rebooting on its own often… I told her just to get another Android but she insisted … She has had it the equivalent of a single month … the first one the screen would go blank and not illuminate and you just were forced to fumble with the buttons trying to get the thing to reboot or shut down to get it back… *SINCE YOU CANNOT REMOVE THE BATTERY!*

    … she now has a second one we took the defunct one back … this one the battery is performing less than ideal… and get this… we want to transfer photo’s to the device but the POS forces us to use iSHATTunes (need AppleID and authorize the device? what!?!) or a third party utility to accomplish it… android you plug it in and you use it like a external USB storage device… but not on ‘the superior’ iPhone… where you are forced into apples shitbox to do what should be a native operation apples way… after wasting nearly 3 hours searching and meddling with it we are taking this piece of junk and I am getting her another droid phone not to mention convinced the next time my wife thinks about getting an iPhone again I will remind her of this moment, and talk her out of it where she will listen to me.

    My buddy who is a auto mechanic… his dealership had to REPROGRAM. their multimedia console of the car to work with the newest iPhone for god sake… Apple get yoru head out of your behind because the grass is not greener on your side of the fence with the latest device… it is face down in a steaming pile of crap.

  17. Love love love this site. Bought an iPhone whatevha! to be able to do development and it was the worst year of my life. Ok, I exaggerate not the worst year, but yes, iphones totally suck and but they are all drinking the Koolaid.

  18. I think the phone itself is fine, but the company behind it, Apple, definitely sucks and I’ll agree that it’s overpriced.
    But IMO the IPhones software is more reliable then an Android while Android has more reliable hardware.

  19. Prior to a couple of years ago, I’ve always used android phones. When it was time for an upgrade, all of my friends told me the same thing: “You have to get an IPhone. They’re the best – you’ll love it!” So I did, and regretted the purchase the very first day. I mean, all the steps you have to go through just to delete a single contact in an IPhone is just ridiculous. Deleting multiples is virtually impossible unless you download a separate app. Really?!!! That should be standard with the OS. I also hated having to install ITunes just to transfer files to my PC. (What little you were “Allowed” to transfer anyway.) I could go on and on, listing everything I hated about that phone.

    Fortunately, the thing took a crap a few weeks ago and I got a Samsung Galaxy Note 8 and am so relieved to have gotten rid of that IGarbage. I mean, if you’re going to spend that much money on a device, don’t you want to have at least some control over it?

    Rant over

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