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Make Money Online or Offline – Beginner’s Guide

There are many of you searching ways or methods to make money and why not – money is cool. There are a lot of searches on the internet regarding ways to make a passive income online or offline. It’s true that money can be made by using almost anything, many of these methods have been listed on promoneyinfo.com where you can find hundreds of ways to make money online or offline. What’s important is the idea you need to think of. The idea to convert something into money.

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Industries’ Top 2 Ways to Make Money Online

Here are the industries’ top two methods you can use to earn some serious money online :

Advertising : This is something which you see almost everytime but what you miss is it’s importance and value. Advertising is without a doubt, one of the best ways to make money. Google, Facebook, Yahoo, etc. run primarily on advertising. So does the morning newspaper you read, the TV you watch, the Sports you play, etc. Advertising is one of the best careers and not only online but offline also!

The environment you live in is probably filled with AD Banners which proves how amazing advertising is. One of the easiest way to dive in the pool of advertising business online is starting a website, a blog, an app, a video, or any social platform you can use to serve Ads on. There are various platform online which can be used to monetize your content and use it to influence your audience and promote someone else.

You can also use your platform to sell someone else’s product directly which is called, Affiliate Marketing. Affiliate Marketing is considered an entirely different way but its heart resides in Advertising. Advertising a relevant product is Affiliate Marketing and is used by many people to make thousands of dollars. But wait… what are you exactly doing with Advertising and Affiliate Marketing?


Selling a Product : If you are making a lot of money advertising something.. there are also people who are spending THAT LOT of money. This clearly means that they have a bigger profit getting promoted which is nothing but selling your own creation. Your product can be anything, anything that is needed by anyone. It will surely sell and make you loads of money.

Apple made more than half a trillion dollars selling a mobile phone. Coca Cola made it to the top 10 Valuable Companies selling drinks. Creating a product is one of the toughest job. Its requires a lot of thinking and efforts. You can sell many products online using various platform such as Gumroad, Fiverr, etc. You can sell an article, sell a video, sell your own website, sell your manual services – something you are good at.

“If you are good at something, don’t do it for free”


Many people have been coming forward to make money online but this doesn’t change the fact that a lot of potential in money is there in making money offline. You can check out various ways here to make offline money. and other Top 10 Programs to Make Money Online.

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