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The app is the type of app where one can lip-sinch and make music videos and can share with friends, to be more precise, the world where several enthusiastic people are connected.It also has views, stats, likes, and followers. And everyone in this world wants to increase its follower and for this, they do numerous things Consider a simple example of Facebook.

How eager one is to enhance its like and comment. No?

The point I am trying to make us with the change in scenario, the mentality of people has also changed. To get a maximum follower, the obnoxious things are done like fake posts, videos, sexually explicit material and much more. The same thing is happening in one or the other way with the app.


No doubt it is one of the best app providing platforms to develop several skills like orating, giving presentations, dialogues, the ability to face the camera and of course for entertainment also. It is like a mirror which can be used to see our gesture while preparing for a speech and all if used in right way.It gives golden opportunity to get connected over million of the user over internet benefitted in several ways like learning from others quality and eradicating one’s demerits.

So through this app, one can excel oneself too much extent. But the question is even after having so much facility, why it is lagging behind regarding reviews and use? Where is the loophole?When does this become time-consuming and illicit for us? Lets us try to find out.

An Addiction Among Youth:

Suppose you like any TV series, say Game of Thrones. If you have it’s all the season with every episode, what will you do?  You will end up watching all episodes day and night which will bring a half to your studies and other works. All day will be wasted with no usable thing done. Isn’t it called addiction? Try to link it with the musical.Ly app to increase your Musically followers, on which we are talking. Some of the users seem to be attracted to it. They end up browsing videos up to late night and those who upload keep taking retakes, opening account frequently to check some likes and comments. It is very frustrating and time-consuming.

Drawbacks and Reviews :

The other scenario is for those who want to increase their followers. They post sexually explicit material to increase their follower’s count, and that video is being accessed by people of every age. The reviews of parents about it was also not found to be praiseworthy. If it is harmful rather than helpful then it is a matter of great concern. It is very hard nowadays to keep teens and kids out of reach of these adult content because of its accessibility. They are becoming an adult before the time which does no good for them.They are lured by their actions and get distracted mentally and physically.

Also according to some users, there is no way to avoid bad songs, sexually explicit videos. When one open account for the public, he gets some follows with the nude pictures profile and tempting message. Moreover, there is no way out to block or unfollow them, making the situation almost worst.

Improvement Needed :

So there is ardent need to eradicate these problems to make the app user-friendly and to reach out up to a large number of section of society, helpful for every age and at par with the expectation of the user.

There’s also a need of a feature that can download music from different apps like, music paradise pro apk and play the sounds on itself so, we can make musically on our favourite track.

Some Of The Tips Which Can Be Followed To Achieve The Same Are:

Limiting the use of the app. Also, there are restrictions to upload not more than 2-3 videos in a single day. This will not block traffic on the internet as well as the user of Separate sections should be made for the sexually explicit content to keep it away from the reach of children below 18 years showing a ‘warning sign.’ Age Proof should be required to for the same. The identity of every individual should be verified before the upload of any post or video so that the person creating havoc may be checked.

Also, many starts using this app from childhood to excel themselves in this field. If they would be subject to explicit materials, it will add friction to their progress. They will remain glued to this app watching adult content all the time.


Our primary motive should be focused on to check the misuse of the app. This app should be reaching out to a larger section of society for the betterment of people. The app should be constant in motive, only then it will be suitable for people of all ages, to use if efficiently.

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