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Top 10 Cool Websites which are Addictive and Interesting

Cool Websites

There are many websites are available on the internet. We spend a lot of time surfing on these websites but sometimes we get bored spending time on them. Then we need to take a short break or like to have get some entertainment. There are few cool websites available which will help you to pass your time when you are getting bored. These cool websites are just made to entertain you when you are getting bored. These websites are not the ones that you need to visit all the time. Though you can visit whenever you feel like visiting them. These websites are something that you may get addicted to them. Here is a list of some cool websites which you can visit often to kill your time when you are getting bored.

cool websites

Top 10 Cool Websites

  1. Draw the Stickman


This is one of the cool websites which tests your creativity. It is a kind of short game. In these you have to draw a stickman by using your imagination and complete the tasks by drawing things according to situation. This is really a cool website which you must visit. You can draw any kind of character in it but sure that it’s one of the coolest character that you draw.

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  1. 1000,000 Stars1000000-stars

This is another cool stuff that you get on the internet. These cool websites takes you to a tour of our entire universe. Tells about our own galaxy our sun and distance of the earth from the sun. It tells about the stars discovered by the scientist. It will show you how the universe looks all the stars look. You will be stunned by looking at it. You will really enjoy seeing these things and also gain knowledge from these things. You also get to see a complete view of the sun.

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  1. Patatappatatap

This kind of website is for the music lovers and who love to create their own musical tone. In website you can create your own musical node. By pressing different keys on the keyboard you can create different sounds. Each key on the keyboard from A to Z will produce different sounds. You will really enjoy pressing key on the keyboard and listening to the music that is being created.

  1. Spreeder

This website is for people who are fond of reading. At this site you can test your reading speed. Normal reading speed of an average person is 200 wpm. At this site you can practice reading words at a greater speed. You can read any stuff present on that site and you can also add your own content in it and practice reading it at a greater speed. It can also be real fun reading things at a faster rate and check that if we are able to read all the words. This kind of websites can really help us in increasing your reading speed.

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  1. 2D Driving Simulator2d-driving-simulator

This is no ordinary driving game. It is different from the rest of the driving games. In this game you select your own location from the google map and drive your vehicle on that location. It’s like a dream coming true of driving the vehicle on the road which you dreamt of. But be care full that you drive your vehicle on the road only and not outside the road. You can control the vehicle through the arrow keys on the keyboard. You can change the location and drive on any road present in this world in any country in any city you want to drive.

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  1. Cooking for Engineerscooking-for-engineers

Love cooking!! Then this website is for you which provides, you with a list of cooking recipes. You can visit this website and see the recipe to cook your favorite food item. You can also learn new recipes from this website. This website also provides you with different articles related to cooking and kitchen stuff.

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  1. Addicted to successaddicted-2-success

Need a motivation!!! Then be sure to visit this website. This website has a lot of stuff to inspire you in life to do things which you dream of. It gives you right direction and fills you with positive thoughts. It has many articles which can inspire you. They can help you in your self-development. This website has articles related to success, entrepreneurs, motivation, startups and life. This site also provides you with motivational videos. It also provides you with different quotes. So if you are feeling depressed or you want to read something inspirational then do visit this site.

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  1. Live Sciencelive-science

This website contains all the stuff related to science. If you keep interest in things related to science then you must visit this website. This website will provide you with articles related health, planet earth, space, animals, history, human nature. It also provides you with strange news. This website for the person who really keeps interest in science and loves reading stuff related to. By visiting this site in your getting bored you get to read interesting things and this may help you to increase your knowledge.

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  1. Incredible Thingsincredible-things

If you are interested in reading stuff which is something different then you must visit this site. This website provides you with articles which are really incredible. There is a lot of stuff available on this website. They have stuff related to food, fashion, animals and many more things. You also get to see videos of some astonishing things which will really make you think. This site provides you with the most coolest stuff so you must visit this website.

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  1. Solve the Riddlesolve-the-riddle

In this website you are expected to solve a riddle. You are provided with multiple levels. There total 81 levels available. In this riddles you have to just observe the surrounding carefully displayed on the screen and do necessary thing to proceed further. If love solving riddles then you must visit this website. It can be a great time killer with fun.

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