What Song is this, Identify song playing near you

What Song is this? 

Today most of us express our happiness, sadness, depression or any other feeling by listening singing or dancing on a song. And for many of us, music is their lifeline, and they can’t live without it. But sometimes when you hear a song playing around you, and you are not able to recognize the song even after putting full pressure on your brain and at last you give up and stop thinking about that song to acknowledge the song.

Or sometimes when you are in a cab or a restaurant with your friends and a beautiful song starts playing. After listening to the starting of song you are like I know this song and when your friend asks, please tell the name (:P) of the song then these words might come out of your mouth “I think I know it” (:D) and you are not able to recall the name. So guys after reading this post you will surely be able to tell the names of the songs which are playing around you. Yes, by using the apps mention below you will be able to find out names of the song. 

what song is this

What Song is this? Identify with these apps: 


Shazam is one of the most popular apps which is used to recognize the music and much more. Shazam is compatible with mostly all the platforms. You can use your android, windows, iPhone and Blackberry mobiles to find the names. You just have to install this app and let the Shazam listens to the song by pressing the tag button, and within 1 min it will tell you the name and artist of the song.  Shazam also gives the updates of the new songs, videos, album, etc.  After recognizing the song, it links you to the YouTube so that you can listen to the full song. The only bane of this app is that it only recognizes the songs which are prerecorded.


Musixmatch is used to identify the song by lyrics and not by the voice. You can find the song just by typing the lyrics. This app is available in 32 different languages for different countries. This app also provides the feature of saving the lyrics for the offline mode, and you can share it with your friends too. This app is available for different platforms. Apart from recognizing the name of the song this app also provides the full lyrics of the song so that you can sing the song easily by using the third party players. But to use this app, you must have a snippet of the song in your mind.


SoundHound is the one of the best music recognition app. This app gives you the option to hum the melody of the song or sing few words which you remember, and within some minutes it will recognize the song, hence if you do not have the prerecorded music, then this app is best. This app also provides other options like favorite’s songs, albums, news about music, etc. By using SoundHound, you can connect to social media like Facebook and Twitter and can share your results with them. Keep in mind that the words you sing or the humming you make must be precise for the SoundHound to recognize the song. Soundhound is much faster than Shazam.


Midomi lets you search the song by singing, humming or by playing the short track of the song. Midomi is very well organized site and a web-based platform. You just have to grab your microphone and hum the tune that is there in your head for 10 sec or more or you can also play the track; Midomi will be able to tell you what the song is by showing you the list of matching songs. It works on different platforms. This app uses simple interface.


SpotSearch is also one of the best song identifier apps. It is linked with the Spotify, one of the most popular online music app. SpotSearch is a web application which works with iOS also. This app takes the lyrics from you and then matches it with playlist store in the Spotify. If you are not having the full version of Spotify, then this app takes you to the YouTube for listening to the song. This app also gives you the daily updates of your favorite singers, albums, etc. It uses simple user interface and gives you many accurate results. From this app, you can launch Pandora radio too.


WatZatSong means ‘what song is this’ – is a site which works when all the above apps fail to recognize your song. What you have to do is to upload a short MP3 audio recording of the song, or you can record it yourself too by humming, then the member of the site will help you to guess the name of the song. If you also tell them in which language the song is sung or in which year it was released or the music genre, then it will make their task easier, and you will be provided with result much faster. WatZatSong also helps you to connect with social media like Facebook and Twitter so that you can post your request on it and more people will be there to assist you in recognizing the song.    

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Conclusion on What Song is this?:

So these are the best song identifier apps which you can use to find the name of the songs. I hope this post will help you every time you think “What song is this”. In case you have any queries, please share it with us, we will try our best to solve it.

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