The Top 5 Best GBA Games of All Time

Best GBA Games

Game Boy Advance a.k.a GBA is a video game console which was developed and manufactured by Nintendo. Though the GBA series was discontinued in 2007, its popularity and love amongst gamers never ended. Selling over 80 million units, Nintendo had the attention of the entire world of gaming. Even now GBA games are played across the globe, and it still is fun, as it used to be years ago. Nintendo’s Gameboy Advance has a huge number of games just like its fans.

Best GBA Games

Having over thousands of popular games, it becomes quite difficult to choose the best ones. Although every game carries a different feel, there are a few which are loved the most and have become the top shots in the GBA universe.

So, to absorb your difficulty and to help you, we suggest you the following GBA games which were top selling, most played and hence are, the best of the classics.


The Legend of Zelda franchise of games is definitely one the most popular series of GBA games. “A Link Between Worlds” and all the other games of this franchise are action, adventure, battle and puzzle solving games. The series has a protagonist named link while the antagonist changes depending on which game you are playing.  In “A Link Between Worlds,” the link has the task to set peace in a kingdom (Hyrule), the antagonist is named Yuga who captures Princess Zelda and also kidnaps the Seven Sages to resurrect the Demon King. The link in return has special abilities that’d help him to restore Zelda and the peace in Hyrule.

So, if you are looking for top GBA games to play, make sure you play this one.



Contra series of games are another big name in GBA game’s universe. Contra Advance: The Alien Wars Ex is the portable version of the Contra 3 for the Game Boy Advance which was made by Konami. Although there were a few things that were removed for the GBA version, many were added too. The game is basically an action game with run and gun style of gaming. The Contra series are well known for its gameplay, which consisted of a soldier fighting extraterrestrials and futuristic maniacs which kept side scrolling to advance. The Alien Wars Ex featured motorcycle chases, riding on missiles and many other features that set is apart from its previous versions. Overall, this game is great, and so is the Contra Series. So, try them out. 


    Metal Slug Advance is another top GBA game. And just like any other run and gun game, the players have to shoot constantly at a stream of enemies to complete the level of course by defeating a boss at the end of each level. Metal Slug series is well known for its humor touch as well as the fluidity in their games. Slugs availed in this version of the GBA game are the metal slug, the slug flyer, and slug gunner. So, if you’d like to try something new and awesome for GBA, check this game out.


    Well, admit it, we all love that famous anime that had few crazy kids who captured some special kind of animals who could do almost anything. Yes! I am talking about Pokémon. Pokémon anime was based upon the video game version of the same. This series of Pokémon is one of top selling best GBA games. The storyline is the same as in the cartoon. Trainers catch various type of Pokémons to become the best. The gameplay is action, role-playing and puzzle style. Although everyone on the planet has seen the cartoon version, the game is fun and worth playing so make sure you try it out.


    Mario! J Everybody loves Mario! Just like Pizza :p. The Mario series is the highest selling GBA game. This game set some standard that could never be replaced or changed by any other game ever. Mario series of games is named as Pioneering, Highly Influential and thus “The Greatest Game Of All Time.” In this game Mario (in Red xD) and his brother Luigi (the Green one :p in two player mode) travel through the Mushroom kingdom to rescue the Princess Toadstool from the antagonist Bowser. The player can collect coins, stars to get some invincible powers for a few seconds and frequently hidden 1-Ups to increase the lifetime of the game for players. so :p. 

CONCLUSION : Best GBA Games of All Time

There are many other Nintendo’s GameBoy Advance games that are very popular and are highly played across the globe. But these were my personal favorites, and almost everyone likes these games that are mentioned above. Various other top sellers exist that shall also be played. But you know we have the best ones. If you want more of such popular games, then don’t forget to mention that in the comments.

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